These 46 Cheap Products Really Do Make Life Better

It’s a universal fact that life moves pretty quickly, and there are a lot of things to get done in the course of a day. With all the plates you have spinning, you’d probably appreciate all the help you can get. That's why you'll be glad to know that there are cheap products on Amazon that can offer a helping hand — and come delivered quickly. Some of the most clever products on offer may even feel life-changing.

The following list is a deep dive into all that is super useful. They're not just some abstract ideas that are cute and cheap; all of these actually solve real-world problems. From a leakproof water bottle that stores your cash and keys to a mini vacuum that picks up the crumbs from your keyboard, and even lightbulbs that eliminate 95% of blue light so your can get a better night's sleep, these products will make you feel better and your life a little easier. Basically, what we all need, right?

Cheap doesn't mean poor quality, but it might mean affordable enough that you can pick up more than one thing. Whether you need to reduce your stress levels or get a little cozier at home, many of these items have thousands of positive reviews, and are so good everyone is buying them.

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This Handheld Massager To Get All The Tight Spots

This dual-head handheld massager comes with interchangeable massage heads that offer three different types of massages including acupuncture, deep tissue, or air cushion. The fully customizable settings allow you to adjust the intensity and the speed, making this massager perfect for relieving muscle tension and pain in your neck, back, legs or feet.


This Foot Spa With Toe Controls So You Don't Even Have To Bend Down

With its massaging water jets and raised nodes, this foot spa is perfect for relief from tired feet. A built-in pumice stone is there to smooth rough calluses while the toe-operated controls means you don't even have to bend down to get the perfect setting.


This Mini Space Heater For Your Desktop Or Nightstand

This portable mini space heater is ideal for tabletops, desktops, nightstands, and anywhere else you could use just a little more warmth. Designed with flame-retardant materials, this space heater heats up in just three seconds, and the auto-shutoff feature ensures worry-free operation. This mini heater operates quietly and is available in light blue, pink, and white.


This Water Bottle That Hold Your Water & Keys

With self-sealing technology, this 24-ounce water bottle is both leakproof and spill-proof but the coolest thing about it might just be a built-in storage pocket that conveniently holds cash, credit cards, and keys, while an integrated spout cover protects it from dirt and germs. This bottle allows for one-handed drinking with the touch of a button. It’s dishwasher safe and available in blue and purple.


This Tiny Vacuum Cleaner That's Perfect For Home Or Office Use

This compact desktop vacuum cleaner is small, lightweight, and has a nylon brush on the bottom to help loosen debris. While intended for keyboards, this mini vacuum cleaner is convenient for small messes in the car, on your desk, and more. This mini vacuum cleaner operates with minimal noise, runs on two AA batteries, and it’s available in black and mint green.


This Inflatable Travel Pillow That Can Be Used In A Variety Of Ways

This inflatable travel pillow is a clever way to alleviate head and neck pain while traveling for extended periods. The 45-degree design creates the optimal angle for comfort and reducing pressure on your vertebrae, especially if you tend to lean over when you sleep. The flocked design even prevents skin irritation with prolonged use.


This Cozy Wearable Fleece Blanket With Sleeves & Foot Pockets

This wearable fleece blanket is made from 100% micro-plush polyester and designed with armholes and foot pockets for total warmth. A convenient front pouch offers a safe place to stash phones, tissues, candy, or all of the above. This wearable fleece blanket comes in 14 colors, and it’s machine washable. One customer wrote, “Love this blanket! I don’t like wearing shoes and while I always run on the hot side my feet were always freezing."


This Lightweight Running Belt That Stores Phones, Cash & Keys

This lightweight running belt is comfortable and stays in place, even during the most rigorous activity. A built-in security zipper is perfect for storing cash, credit cards, and keys, and the reflective logo adds an additional measure of safety. This running belt fits most cellphones and is available in six color combos.


This USB-Powered Fan That's Small Enough To Keep On The Desk

This USB-powered personal electric fan is small enough to keep on a desk or anywhere else. It provides incredible cooling power with minimal noise output, and the adjustable pitch angle lets you direct the airflow where you need it. With a button-free design, you can easily turn the unit on and adjust the speed simply by touching the base. “Great fan! I bought this for my desk at the office, and I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of the product. It is quiet, it is powerful and it is just what I needed. Cool design, too!” wrote one customer.


This Electric Hot Pot That Doesn't Require A Stove

Adjustable temperature controls on this electric hot pot give you the flexibility to cook everything from oatmeal to steak without a stove. Plus, the nonstick coating on this hot pot makes cleanup a breeze. According to one reviewer: “The Dezin Electric Hot Pot is an amazing product. It’s just the right size for cooking either on the go or at home. It’s so easy to use and really simple to clean. I highly recommend this product! Great value at an affordable price.”


This Scraper You'll Use All Around The Kitchen

Made with a flexible plastic material that follows the lines of your mixing bowl, this scraper ensures that you get every last bit of your dough, cake batter, or frosting. But its usefulness doesn’t stop there. Use it to move diced veggies to your pot, cut dough, or even to clean up bread crumbs on your counter.


This Book Light That Lights Up The Page But Not The Entire Room

Whether you’re trying not to disturb your partner while reading in bed or excited to catch up on your book during a red-eye flight, this rechargeable book light will come in handy. Focused light illuminates your book, not the entire room, and it even has multiple color temperatures and brightnesses you can adjust with a simple click. This book light has a strong clip that ensures it stays in place and the adjustable neck can be repositioned where you need it.


This Alarm Clock That Mimics A Sunrise

Instead of being startled awake every morning, this alarm clock mimics a sunrise and gently wakes you up. Like a real sunrise, the sunrise simulator alarm clock gradually moves from 0 to 100% brightness, and you can choose any of six nature sounds or AM/FM radio for the alarm. There are six color options for as well as 10 brightness settings.


This Deep Tissue Massager That Relieves Sore Muscles & Tension

With 3-D massage nodes, this deep-tissue massager works to increase blood circulation and relieve sore muscles and tension that tend to occur after sitting in one place for long periods. It has three adjustable speed settings and a soothing heat function that automatically shuts off after 15 minutes. It comes with a 10-foot cord so you have plenty of flexibility and a car adapter so you can take it with you wherever you go, so it's easy to adjust and position just where you want it


This Under-Desk Foot Cushion That Helps With Your Posture

If you sit at a desk or table for hours, this under-desk foot cushion not only offers extra support, it can also improve your posture and circulation, and reduce the pressure on your hips. The nonslip bottom prevents it from sliding, and the cushion can be flipped over and used as a rocker for your feet, too. Made with a high-density foam, this foot cushion won’t go flat, and the cover is removable for easy laundering.


This Memory Foam Mousepad & Keyboard Rests That Reduce Wrist Strain

With over 3,000 reviews on Amazon, this comfy memory foam keyboard and mouse wrist rest looks like a user favorite. The lightweight pads keep your wrist in a neutral position, relieving wrist pain and strain, while the nonslip backing keeps them comfortably in place. This set is available in black, green, and blue.


These Reflexology Sandals That Deliver Holistic Healing

These sandals use natural cobblestones to deliver reflexology for your feet. These sandals improve your blood circulation, relieve stress, and improve your energy levels by targeting pressure points in your feet. Velcro straps make them fully adjustable, and they wipe clean easily with a damp cloth.


This Shower Head That Delivers Even When Your Water Pressure Is Low

This high-pressure shower head delivers a powerful spray even when water flow and pressure are typically an issue. It is easy to maintain and keep clean with 45 silicone jets that prevent lime and hard water deposits. The swivel ball joint lets you adjust the angle of the water spray, and the shower head installs in just minutes so you can enjoy your new spa-like shower right away.


This Back Stretcher That Relieves Lower Back Pain & Improves Flexibility

This back stretcher improves flexibility, helps correct poor posture, and relieves lower back pain and all you have to do is lie down on it. Acupressure knobs provide two levels of deep relaxing massage, and it can be adjusted between three arch levels to suit your individual needs.


This LED Bulb With Less Blue Light That Promotes Better Sleep

Blue light waves inhibit melatonin production, which in turn can disrupt your body’s circadian rhythms. By reducing blue light exposure, this LED sleep light helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. This LED sleep light is ideal for any room where you spend the last 90 minutes or so before bed and perfect for nightstands.


This Headache Relief Hat That Uses The Power Of Cold Therapy

This migraine relief hat uses the power of cold therapy to reduce the discomfort and pain associated with migraines and other kinds of headaches. Each hat comes with three reusable liquid gel inserts that perfectly contour the sides of your head and forehead. This migraine hat has fully adjustable fasteners for a perfect fit, and the fleece cover is machine washable.


These Magnetic Clips That Keep Comforters In Place

These magnetic duvet clips tackle one of the most annoying household problems around: comforters that slip down into the duvet cover. Based off the concept of store security tags on clothing, these duvet pins keep your covers where they should be, and they can be removed in mere seconds with the included magnetic key.


This Heated Eyelash Curler For Lasting Results

This electric eyelash curler gives you a perfectly curled eyelash in just one minute that seriously last. This eyelash curler charges via USB, it has a clear LCD display indicating the temperature, and each lash holds its curl for up to 24 hours. This electric eyelash curler is designed to work at the optimal temperature for curling your lashes to also avoid damage.


These Wireless Bluetooth Headphones That Deliver Excellent Sound Quality

These wireless Bluetooth headphones effectively cancel noise while delivering great sound quality and balance for less than $20. These headphones are easy to use, they quickly pair with your devices right out of the box, and the ear hooks can be molded for a snugger more customized fit. They last eight hours on a single charge, too.


This Portable Fan That Works On Your Desk Or Around Your Neck

This portable neck fan is a clever solution for keeping cool and can be worn around your neck, keeping you hands-free, or propped up on your desk or nightstand. It has three adjustable speeds, seven LED lights, and it’s rechargeable. Users have indicated that these are also quite helpful during blackouts or to when outdoors.


This Insulated Water Bottle That's Also A Bluetooth Speaker

This double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle keeps hot water hot for 12 hours and cold water cold for 24 hours, but what really makes it stand out is that this water bottle has a built-in Bluetooth speaker making it perfect for the beach, the gym, or even an impromptu party. If you always forget to drink your water, don’t worry about that anymore, this smart water bottle glows every hour to remind you. For some added entertainment, this water bottle has a dancing light mode, yes, it “dances” to the beat of the music.


These Motion-Activated LED Toilet Night Lights

Late-night bathroom trips can be tricky. Plus, they can disturb your sleep when you have to turn overhead lights on. These motion-activated LED night lights with eight color options are an excellent alternative to light your way. The flexible arm ensures a universal fit and easy installation.


This Adjustable Book Stand For Some Hands-Free Reading

This adjustable book stand is a perfect little household helper for hands-free reading whether you want to keep a recipe open or are reading while your hands are busy. With flexible and strong paperclips, this book stand can be used for homework and note-taking, too. This bookstand is adjustable and can even be used as a laptop desk for your bed.


This Reusable Notebook That Lets You Scan Pages Easily

If you like handwritten notes but appreciate the technological assist to get your messages out, this reusable notebook is a game-changer. Just write, scan, wipe clean, and reuse. This notebook comes in three sizes and works with the proprietary app. It’s available in eight colors.


These Acupressure Rings That Reduce Stress & Improve Focus

These spiky finger rings are the latest iteration of fidget spinners, for reducing stress and improving focus. Made from stretchy elastic material, these are completely silent, so they never bother the people around you and each pack comes with two of each color for a total of 10 pieces. "Bought these for my son, but my whole family loves these. We even have them sitting next to the couch to use while we watch TV. They are addicting, but GREAT to help keep focus. Best part: they are silent unlike many other fidget toys," one customer wrote.


This Cozy Beanie With A Built-In Bluetooth Speaker

What’s better than a trendy beanie? A high-tech beanie with a Bluetooth wireless headset built-in. This beanie allows you to stay warm while listening to your favorite music or even take phone calls. Noise isolation blocks out ambient noise so your calls and music are crystal clear. Control it with the three-button control panel on the side. Plus, it offers 10 to 12 hours of playtime on a charge, and it is machine washable.


This LCD Writing Tablet That's A Great Alternative To Screen Time

This LCD writing tablet is essentially a digital whiteboard you can hold in the palm of your hand. Use the writing tablet just as you would a notepad and erase it all with the touch of a button. Perfect for home or school, this LCD writing tablet is a great way to get creative without wasting a lot of paper. One reviewer wrote: “It's ideal for on the go play because it's thin, lightweight, [a good] alternative to electronics and it isn't messy.”


This Hands-Free Phone Holder That Can Be Worn Around Your Neck

This neck phone holder holds your smartphone in a stable position leaving you hands-free to do almost anything. This cellphone holder can also be used on a desktop for selfies or videos, and is compatible with phones up to 7-inches wide, making it almost universal, and 360-degree rotation gives you tons of flexibility.


This Sleeping Mask That Plays Music & Blocks Out Noise

While other Bluetooth sleeping masks are bulky and uncomfortable, this Bluetooth sleeping mask has a thin profile that’s comfortable even for side sleepers. The cotton fabric is breathable, absorbs sweat, and users report feeling no pressure on the eyes. Noise reduction technology reduces street sounds and snoring for a better night's sleep, and the built-in microphone even allows you to take phone calls. Get 10 hours of playing time with each charge.


A Magnetic Car Kit That Holds Your Phone In Place

With six strong magnets, this cell phone holder kit for your car keeps your phone firmly in place even on bumpy roads. Easy to install with 3M adhesive strips, this magnetic cell phone holder is universal, securing even the heaviest phones and preventing them from flying around your car or slipping between the seats. This phone holder is elegantly designed with a low profile to blend seamlessly into your dashboard. “Fantastic product, easy to install on the dashboard and fantastic magnetic grip on my phone and tablet. Can't recommend highly enough to you," one customer wrote.


This Personal Safety Alarm For Handbags, Backpacks & Key Rings

This personal safety alarm sounds when the contact pin is pulled out and sounds continuously for 30 minutes unless the pin is replaced. The alarm can be heard from 600 feet away. The keyring lets you keep this personal alarm safely within reach, and the LED light adds another measure of security. This personal safety alarm is sold as a single unit, packs of two, or in a pack of five.


This Mug Warmer With 3 Settings That Keep Your Drinks At The Perfect Temp

Some days hot coffee can feel like a luxury. This mug warmer has three temperature options to keep your beverages just the way you like it. The large base fits cups, carafes, and even bowls, the auto-shutoff feature of this mug warmer ensures safe operation, and it comes in six color options.


This Mini Humidifier That Lasts For Up To 18 Hours

This mini humidifier is compact enough for any room, and you can choose between 12 hours of continuous mist or an intermittent spray of 18 hours. This portable humidifier has a built-in night light, an auto-shutoff function that turns the unit off when the water drops below a certain level, and it’s available in white, blue, gray, and pink.


This Easy-To-Apply Wax That Helps Your Glasses Stay Put

Eyewear that slips down your nose is a huge pet peeve. Once seen on Shark Tank, this magical formula made of beeswax, coconut oil, and gum rosin, creates a layer of friction between your skin and glasses, keeping your glasses and sunglassses in place. One application of this anti-slip formula can last anywhere from one hour to a full day depending on your skin type and activity levels.


These Microfiber Towels That Reduce Frizz, Split Ends & Drying Time

These lightweight microfiber towels are super absorbent to quickly draw moisture from your hair, and cut down of frizz and split ends. And because there's an easy button closure, it stays in place while you get ready. Each order comes in a pack of three, and there are 13 different color combinations.


This Mini Flat Iron That's Ideal For Travel

This mini flat iron heats quickly to a max temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit, and the floating titanium plates ensure soft, silky hair every time. With its compact design, this flat iron fits neatly in bags, the dual voltage design makes it versatile for travel, and the heat-resistant pouch helps with safe storage.


This Acupressure Belt That Activates Multiple Pressure Points At Once

Plastic stimulators on this acupressure belt activate multiple pressure points at once to help with soreness and pain. This acupressure belt can be used while seated or while lying down, breathable cotton provides superior comfort, and the belt is available in onyx or amethyst.


This White Noise Machine That Improves Sleep & Tunes Out Distractions

This white noise machine is programmed with six nature sounds that help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Play the relaxation sounds continuously or choose from three timer options of 15, 30, or 60 minutes. This white noise machine is lightweight and compact enough to take anywhere. While most people use this white noise machine to help them fall asleep, it can also be used to improve focus.


These Arch Support Insoles With Thousands Of 5-Star Reviews

These arch support insoles alleviate arch pain and provide relief from a slew of foot-related problems like plantar fasciitis, bunions, and heel spurs. With plenty of shock absorption and a breathable cover that keeps feet feeling comfortable all day, these are available in sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large. Plus, they can also be trimmed to fit any shoe size. No wonder more than 4,000 reviewers have given this a 4.4-star overall rating.


This Minimalist Planner That Keeps Everything In Focus

The simple design of this minimalist planner removes unnecessary distractions and lets you focus on what you need to get done. With daily to-dos, monthly goals, and calendar pages, your plans will be crystal clear. This planner is undated so you can start at any time, has a clear flexible cover, and conveniently lays flat for easy use. Made with recycled materials, this planner is available in medium or large.


This Caffeined Shampoo That Brings Dull Hair Back To Life

Infused with caffeine, red clover, and niacin, this shampoo gives dull hair a little kick. This natural caffeine shampoo soothes hair follicles and improves circulation to reduce hair thinning and encourage growth. Made with all plant-based materials, this shampoo is cruelty-free and works for all hair types.