5 Harry Potter-Inspired Bars & Cafes To Add Some Magic To Your Muggle Travel Plans

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By Kerri Jarema

There is perhaps no literary franchise that has inspired as many fan experiences as J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. There are countless Potter conferences and fan meet-ups, wizard-inspired tours of the U.K., and, of course, there are the Wizarding Worlds of Harry Potter, two theme parks entirely dedicated to J.K. Rowling's beloved children's books. But one of the most easily accessible ways to enjoy a little bit of magic this summer is to visit one of the various Harry Potter-inspired bars, restaurants, and coffee shops that have sprouted up around the country over the past few years. None of them have any official ties to J.K. Rowling or the series, but all of them have a little bit of the magic and spirit of the books.

These food and drink establishments are all inspired by witchcraft and wizardry in various ways: some serve up classic English dinners and desserts that Harry himself would salivate over, while others lean in to a more general magical atmosphere, inspired by toil and trouble and cauldrons-a-bubble. I've picked out five of the newest and most popular permanent venues across North America below. If you live or will be traveling nearby soon, make sure to add these spots onto your must-see list. For just the price of a cocktail or cup of coffee, you could be transported right into the pages of this enduring fan-favorite:

The Cauldron in New York City

The Cauldron in New York City promises a "magical pub experience" to all who enter, offering up a cocktail bar and gastropub to wizarding enthusiasts. Located on the historic Stone Street in Lower Manhattan, the atmosphere will feel about as close to The Three Broomsticks as you can get, their menu is filled with British comfort foods, and at their special Potions Experience (tickets are $44.99 per person) you can don a robe and test out your magic wand by brewing two of their special molecular potions that change colour, bubble, and smoke.

Nimbus Coffee in Los Angeles

In Downtown L.A., you'll find the city's first ever Harry Potter-inspired coffee shop, Nimbus Coffee, which just opened in June 2019. The cafe pays homage to the series with wizard-themed decor like a wand wall, shelves laden with vintage books, and painted portraits. Once there, you can order everything from standard pastries, coffees and lattes to special smoothies like their Blueberry Polyjuice.

Bad Owl Coffee in Henderson, Nevada

At Bad Owl Coffee in Nevada, you'll get "serious coffee with a hint of magic," perfect for fans who love a theme, but want some substance to back up all the pizazz. Coffees include Bad Owl's own espresso blend, The Dark Enchanter, and other blends sourced from countries like Ethiopia and Brazil. You can buy their coffees online, but if you're in Henderson, stop by their cafe for a Butter Brew latte and quick dishes like sandwiches and waffles.

Muggles Mug in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

Courtesy of Kacie Klotz

If you're roadtripping the East Coast this summer, you'll want to stop in at Muggles Mug coffee shop in Jim Thorpe, PA (about two and a half hours away from New York City and just under two aways out from Philadelphia). The quaint coffee shop is filled with Harry Potter decor and often plays the Harry Potter films on a projector for patrons to enjoy while they sip their drinks, which include eggnog elixirs and the spicy Phoenix latte.

The Lockhart Bar in Toronto, Canada & Montreal, Quebec

Those who find themselves a little farther afield should definitely stop into The Lockhart Cocktail Bar in Toronto. Their magical handcrafted cocktails, or "Potions & Elixirs" are better than anything Snape ever cooked up, they've got a veritable banquet of foods to replenish you after a long day of wand-wielding, and they've assembled a rakish squad of magicians, firebreathers and others entertainers to enthrall and terrify guests.