These Kids At The Women's March Know What's Up

by Jenny Hollander
Brook Mitchell/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Saturday, alongside hundreds of thousands of grown men and women, a bunch of fierce children showed up at the women's march. Complete with signs, kids protested alongside their adult counterparts in Washington, D.C. and at the 600-plus protests around the globe. Whether these children understood only that they were marching for women (and, perhaps, that they have a new president who behaves like a kid in their third-grade class), they made clear that our next generation's voices deserve to be heard, too.

After all, White House policies like Trump's barely-there climate change plan — as of Saturday morning, the "Climate Change" page has vanished from — will impact the next generation even more than they'll affect us. President Trump's sexist comments, non-inclusive ideologies, and lack of clarity about what America is and does could have seriously far-reaching implications, especially if Democrats aren't able to take back at least one chamber of Congress in the next four years.

We have reason to have hope in the next generation. These children come from families who took to the streets after Donald Trump's inauguration, kids and all, to stand up for the rights of women and minorities everywhere. They come from families who believe in peaceful protest, who are willing to take a stand against sexism, and are passionate about teaching their kids the right values.

Here are dozens of those kids.

New York City's Kids Show Up

"Come On, All My Ladies"

"Girls Are People Too"

It Reached As Far As The U.K.

"Santa Is Watching You"

Boys Will Be Good Humans

Getting A Lesson En Route

Minds At Work

Braving The Cold

Our Family Values

"This Is Just The Beginning"

"Feminist On Board"

"Hate Doesn't Make America Great"

What An Outfit

"Paws Up"

"We Are The Resistance"

Little Miss Flint

She Can Be President

Protesting In A Snow Suit

"No Bullying"

"Treat Everyone With Kindness"

"Love Trumps Hate"


Kids Leading The Way

Getting A Good View

"Keep Your Tiny Hands Off My Buns"

Yes To Love

"Stop The Bullies"

"Girls For..."

Part Of The Movement

Attending For His Sister

Girls Just Wanna Have...

Tiny Feminist

A Princess And A Doctor

"Build Bridges, Not Walls"


"Control Your Hair, Not Our Country"

"Woman Can Do..."

My Future, My Choice

I Need Feminism Because...

Do Not Grab

"My Sister Is Smarter Than You Think"

Yes, Donald Trump is the president. Yes, we have a scary few years ahead of us. But with kids like this in charge of our future, we can be that much braver, right?