These 50 Products On Amazon Under $25 Are Practical As Hell

Adulthood doesn't happen so much as it creeps up on you in tiny little bursts. For me, one of the biggest signs that I've gone from faking it to full-on adult status is how jazzed up I get to buy cheap but practical products on Amazon, like a new shoe rack and a mug that won't spill when you accidentally knock into it.

Admittedly, investing in stuff like this for around the house isn't exactly everyone's idea of a thrilling purchase. For a lot of people, it'd be more exciting to put that extra cash towards a nice dinner or a round of drinks with friends. But that's precisely why it feels so good sometimes to put that money toward these kinds of genius products — they're responsible decisions that help me out in the long run.

Getting older often means trying to live as simply as possible, and one of the great things all the practical as hell products on this list have in common (besides all being under $25) is that they can make your life less stressful in the long run. From folding laundry to cooking dinner for the family, if everyday tasks like these have you feeling drained, you'll absolutely love the items featured here.

1. This Earbud Is The Little Gadget You Didn't Know You Needed

FocusPower Mini Earbuds, $20, Amazon

This small little earbud (yes, just one) is Bluetooth-enabled, lightweight, and ultra-comfortable to wear. It's perfect for the person who needs to make important calls while they work on the computer or someone who wants to listen to music while paying attention to their surroundings. With over 4,000 reviews, plenty of people say this improves their life — and it also stays powered up for up to 7 hours and charges magnetically, so you don't have to fiddle around with cords.


2. A Completely Waterproof Speaker That's Perfect For Jamming Out In The Shower

GJT Wireless Shower Speaker, $13, Amazon

Make your bath or shower time even more relaxing with this wireless speaker, which is completely waterproof and is attached to a secure suction cup. This easy-to-use device is good for up to six hours of playback, and is compatible with Apple and Android devices. Another reason to love this powerful speaker is that it comes with a built-in microphone, which is great for hands-free talking no matter where you are.


3. A Spill-Proof Mug That'll Keep Drinks Nice And Cool At All Times

Mighty Mug Ice, $20, Amazon

Funded through Kickstarter and designed to keep beverages at the perfect temperature, this innovative mug is a great investment if you're tired of not having a reliable travel mug to keep drinks in at all times. Insulated with vacuum-insulated stainless steel and BPA-free, the Mighty Mug Ice can keep drinks warm for up to six hours and cool for up to 14 hours at a time. One of the major advantages to this cup? It's also built to be spill-proof but still lifts naturally with your grip when you take a sip, and it even comes with a flexible straw for easier drinking.


4. A Keyboard Protector That'll Keep Your Macbook Pro Looking Great

Uppercase GhostCover Keyboard Protector for MacBook Pro, $13, Amazon

Keyboards get gross over time. Keep the keyboard of your Macbook Pro free from dust, dirt, and other damage with this transparent protector. Made from high-quality TPU material, this cover won't distract from the look of your laptop or interfere with Touch Bar functionality. The backlight of your keyboard will also shine through as a result of this protector, and because it's washable and reusable, this is definitely built to last.


5. This Volumizing Shampoo That's Safe And Gentle On All Skin Types

The Seaweed Bath Co. Argan Shampoo, $13, Amazon

Looking for a way to naturally cleanse and clarify your scalp and hair, while also maintaining your hair's luster and radiant shine? With this shampoo, which is made from sustainably harvested Maine bladderwrack seaweed — which is rich in more than 65 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids — you can protect hair daily. It doesn't matter what texture or type your hair is because this nourishing gluten- and paraben-free vegan blend is safe for everyone.


6. A Shower Scrub That Gives Your Feet An Immersive Massage

Body and Sole Foot Scrubber and Massager, $13, Amazon

After a long day at work, your feet could probably use a quality massage. That's exactly what they'll get with this foot scrubber and massager, which suctions right to the floor of your shower or bathtub — and works as both a relaxation aid and a cleaning tool. It has more than 1,500 bristles, which are flexible and move with your foot as you move. One reviewer writes: "Great product, great value, great functionality!"


7. This Set Of Magnetic Key Holders That'll Keep You Keep Track Of Your Keys

Tescat Magnetic Key Holder, $10 (6 Pack), Amazon

Always forgetting where you put your keys? Keep track of them at all times using these magnetic key holders, which mount to the wall or an outlet, can be installed in just a minute without any drilling, and use tough built-in magnets to keep keys in place. These are powerful enough to hold up to three pounds a piece, so your keys won't drop or dangle — and because you can hang these discrete holders up anywhere, they're far more versatile than a traditional key rack.


8. A Two-In-One Device That Hikers And Winter Sports Enthusiasts Will Love

Cypers Rechargeable Hand Warmer, $18, Amazon

This multi-functional tool is one of the most practical investments you can buy if you find yourself outdoors in the cold a lot — it not only provides a way for your hands to stay toasty outside, but it also charges up your devices. Pebble-shaped and comfortable in your hand, this two-in-one hand warmer and power bank works with all smartphones and is made of sturdy aluminum.


9. These Space-Saving Shoe Slots That'll Help Keep Your Closet Organized

Bestland Shoe Organizer, $20 (6 Piece), Amazon

If your closet is a huge mess and basic shoe racks just aren't working for your collection anymore, these organizers are a must-have item. They're perfect for tight storage spaces, work with any kind of shoe, and provide a sturdy grip for stilettos or boots. Whether you're looking for a fun and interesting new way to maximize your space, or you just need something extra to organize shoes with, you'll want to give these a try.


10. An Innovative Umbrella That You Can Also Use As A Flashlight

Zero Grid Travel Umbrella with Flashlight Handle, $22, Amazon

This umbrella can go with you literally anywhere, and because of its enhanced functionality, you'll want it to. It comes with a built-in rotating LED flashlight, which makes it ideal for easy visibility and a safer walk at night. As an umbrella, it's incredibly durable and comes with a moisture-wicking storage sleeve.


11. A Multi-Functional Cooking Utensil That Makes It Simpler To Scoop Soups And Sauces

Dreamfarm Spadle, $20, Amazon

The Spadle is half spoon, half ladle, and is absolutely going to make it easier to prep meals in the kitchen. As a spoon, this has a flat tip that works like a squeegee and can scrape the bottom of a pot without causing any damage. As a ladle, this helps to make serving soups and sauces less of a mess. Made of heat-resistant nylon, this utensil transforms with a simple twist of the handle and is a totally versatile addition to your kitchen.


12. This Pint-Sized Cube For When You're Desperately In Need Of A New Outlet

JSVER Compact Cube Power Strip, $17, Amazon

Short on outlet space? It's not a problem when you've got this Rubik cube-sized block within reach. This compact and ultra-portable square functions as a power strip and LED indicator, and comes with enough outlets that you can charge multiple devices at once. Protected against short-circuiting and over-voltage, the advanced technology used here gives devices a quick charge and won't take up a ton of space like a traditional power strip.


13. This Funky Organizer That's Great For Keeping All Your Devices In Place

Joto Electronics Organizer, $17, Amazon

Strap your electronics in place with this organizer, which is made out of rubberized woven elastic straps to secure all gadgets, cords, and the items that always seem to get stuck at the bottom of your bag. Portable and flexible, this organizer allows you to adjust and play around with configurations and fits lots of things. The back even comes equipped with a large, spacious pocket, which can fit everything from books to documents and tablets.


14. A Board That Makes Folding Laundry So Much Easier To Manage

Osa Clothes Folding Board, $12, Amazon

Folding clothes can be time-consuming and totally arduous, but with this plastic folding board, you can breeze through this chore in no time. Designed to adjust to the thickness of your clothing, this ultra-practical tool is incredibly easy to use. Just lay your clothing on the board and in three steps, this device essentially makes folding clothes — even trousers, sweaters, and other thick garments — less of a chore while it saves a lot of time.


15. A Clear Organizer That Makes It Easy To Keep All Your Jewelry And Makeup In One Spot

Solly's Jewelry & Cosmetic Organizer with Mirror, $23, Amazon

You don't need a vanity table to keep all your makeup and jewelry in one place because with this clear storage case you'll be able to find everything in one centralized location. This acrylic organizer comes with 16 compartments and two drawers, and can be used to store everything from jewelry to eyeshadow palettes to perfume. One of the best features of this case? It comes with a swiveling and removable makeup mirror, so you can get an up close and personal look at your winged liner during your beauty routine.


16. A Dispenser That'll Keep Plastic Bag Tumbleweeds Under Control

simplehuman Grocery Bag Dispenser, $15, Amazon

Keeping some plastic grocery bags around for scooping cat litter or lining wastebaskets is one of those things that can quickly cause a big mess in your drawers if you don't stay on top of it. Luckily, having this dispenser around can save you time and so much frustration because it can store up to 30 plastic bags, mounts easily to a wall with adhesive tape or screws, and has two easy-access openings. This simple yet ingenious organizational tool can make your house neater, one plastic bag at a time — it's no wonder if has over 4,500 reviews.


17. This Bakeware Organizer For Clutter-Free Countertops

SimpleHouseware Bakeware Organizer, $15 (2 Pack), Amazon

Are your countertops always a mess? Are you constantly fumbling to find your cutting board or pull the right pan out from a stack in your cabinet? If you feel like you're frequently stuck playing Jenga with your kitchen tools, you'll love this sturdy steel organizer, which has three compartments and is perfect for fitting pot lids, cookie sheets, cutting boards, pans, and more. It's made with rubber feet so it won't scuff countertops or wood surfaces, too.


18. A Mini Travel Humidifier That You Can Use On Trips, In Your Car, Or In Your Personal Office

Opaceluuk USB Humidifier, $22, Amazon

This Red Dot Design award-winning humidifier converts a standard-sized water bottle into a water tank and produces a cool mist that can help make any space more comfortable to breathe in. Powered via a USB cable or battery, it'll cover up to 40 square feet and is equipped with auto shut-off after eight hours. With this travel humidifier, you can sleep more soundly and keep dry skin hydrated in the winter.


19. This Spray That'll Make Heels Actually Comfortable To Wear

PreHeels, $15, Amazon

Blisters and other forms of irritation are just a hazard of wearing heels (or any shoes you're trying to break in), but with this award-winning spray, that isn't the case anymore. That's because PreHeels creates an invisible barrier on skin that works to block friction, providing better protection than bandages. Each spray provides up to six hours of blister-free wear, making this a perfect secret weapon if you're headed to a wedding or party where you plan to be in heels the whole night long. Paraben-free and hypoallergenic, it dries clear and with residue, and can also work for sneakers or flats.


20. A Serum That'll Make Ingrown Hairs And Razor Bumps Totally History

Kerah Lane Organic Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Formula, $19, Amazon

If you're frustrated with ingrown hairs or razor bumps, this organic serum can give you new hope. Formulated with aloe vera, witch hazel, lavender, and a blend of other essential oils, it can prevent and eliminate bumps on skin without causing breakouts in the process. That's because this was made without any traces of alcohol or parabens, and works to remove bacteria and calm skin down, so even sensitive skin will love this.


21. This Mini Outlet And Surge Protector That's Small Enough To Fit In Your Pocket

Poweradd Mini Outlet And Surge Protector, $18, Amazon

On long trips and vacations, having a mini outlet and surge protector like this one can go a long way toward giving you peace of mind, plus a charge when you need it most. It comes with two USB ports, so you can charge tablets and smartphones at the same time, plus two standard prong outlets for any electric device you have packed away. This compact outlet is lightweight enough that it'll fit your luggage conveniently, and is an essential travel accessory for anyone with lots of gadgets.


22. A Container That'll Keep Fruits And Veggies Fresh For Even Longer

Progressive Lettuce Keeper, $13, Amazon

Whether you're making a salad to take to work or you're just trying to conserve the veggies you didn't use for dinner, this almost container will keep fruit, vegetables, and lettuce fresher for up to two weeks longer than any other storage bowl you can find. The reason? The oblong-shaped keeper doubles as a colander and comes with a water reservoir in the base, which keeps produce moist. Additionally, adjustable venting helps to regulate air circulation so that everything inside the container tastes crispy for longer — and you can even personalize it to the exact fruit or vegetable you're saving.


23. A Rejuvenating Scrub That'll Reduce The Look Of Stretch Marks And Cellulite

Premium Nature Grapefruit Face and Body Scrub, $13, Amazon

Rich in antioxidants and scented with the smell of fresh grapefruit, this scrub can help to clear the bacteria and dirt out of your pores, giving way to a more radiant and glowing complexion. Formulated with jojoba oil along with other skin-nourishing essential oils, this protects skin from heat and sun damage while exfoliating so that dead skin is washed away. This scrub helps skin to feel incredibly smooth and hydrated.


24. These Food Protectors That Lock In Taste And Flavor In Freshly Cut Produce

Lition Silicone Food Protectors, $12 (Set of 4), Amazon

With these silicone food protectors, you'll never have another veggie go to waste. Whether you're slicing up an onion, a tomato, or any other fresh vegetable or fruit, you can use one of these multi-sized containers to fit around your grub so it won't spoil or dehydrate before you get a chance to use it again. Designed to be reusable, these are a cost-effective alternative to using saran wrap and because they're dishwasher-safe, they're easy to maintain and keep around in your kitchen for continued use. These also work on soda cans, mason jars, and other bottles in need of lids.


25. This Wire-Free Bra That Delivers All Day, Lightweight Comfort And Support

Mae Women's Wire-free Lounge Bra, $16 (S-XL), Amazon

For light, comfortable support throughout the day, this wire-free bra is a great addition to your wardrobe. Built with seamless cups and light push-up padding that provides some lift, this machine washable option is ideal for lighter support that's comfortable to lounge in. "Super comfy, perfect for basically any shirt with thicker straps," commented one reviewer. "I don't even realize I'm wearing it. It gives lift without wires and it looks great on."


26. An Adjustable Pillow That Takes Pressure Off Knees And Legs During Sleep

Aveston Knee Pain Pillow, $19, Amazon

Uniquely designed to help support better rest and relaxation, this side-sleeper pillow is ideal for those who are struggling with knee and leg pain, especially related to arthritis, sciatica, postural issues, and injuries. Created using two layers of foam that mold to the shape of your body, this ergonomically-designed pillow has rounded edges that help to keep your knees from touching one another and an adjustable strap so it stays in place throughout the night.


27. These Resilient Resistance Bands For When You Want To Take Your Workout To The Next Level

Nylea Resistance Bands, $10 (3 Pack), Amazon

For everything from stretching to power-lifting, these durable resistance bands can make a major impact on your workout. Made from natural latex and color-coded for easier usage, these come in varying levels of light to extra-heavy, and can help you build more muscle at a faster pace. Another added advantage of these bands is that they can help enhance resiliency in physical therapy, and are easy to use for those of all fitness levels.


28. An Essential Oil That Actually Helps Make Headaches And Migraines Disappear

Prime Natural Headache Relief Essential Oil, $10, Amazon

Don't let your headaches and migraines dominate your day — with this natural essential oil, you'll have an incredible, homeopathic option for relief right at your fingertips. The first thing that'll hit you when you open up a bottle of this essential oil is the cool, minty aroma that comes from the blend, which contains a mixture of peppermint, sage, ginger, fennel, and cardamom. GMO-free and made without any synthetics or fillers, this oil will fill your nostrils and senses with a soothing scent that also helps reduce the impact and intensity of headaches.


29. A Facial Cleansing Brush That's Both Affordable And Effective

Glamfields Electric Facial Brush, $22, Amazon

Finding the right facial brush to keep your complexion clean and glowing, but this option is versatile and even great for sensitive skin. It comes with three brush heads, including one for exfoliating, another for removing dirt and penetrating deeply into pores, and a brush head designed to be extra gentle. Since you can use this brush in the shower and it charges up easily via USB, you can literally take this with you anywhere.


30. A Retractable Charging Cable That'll Bail Your Phone Out Of Trouble When It Needs It Most

Baseus Retractable Lightning Cable, $11, Amazon

Low on battery power and no clue where or how to give your phone the vital surge of juice it needs to keep on running? Then you need this retractable charger cable — it's made with a small round base, which tucks the cord ends away safely when not in use so it's great to bring everywhere. It lets you customize how long you want your cord to be, and is 45 centimeters in length.


31. A Mouse Pad And Wrist Rest That'll Help Take Pressure Off Your Wrist And Reduce The Risk Of Carpal Tunnel

Nex Mouse Pad with Keyboard Wrist Rest, $13, Amazon

Made from springy memory foam, the wrist rests included in this set can be essential for helping to reduce aches and pains from wrist overuse. Because these ergonomically-designed wrist rests provide support and comfort during computer use, they're great for anyone online all day long. Available in a range of colors, it also includes a smooth mouse pad, which is compatible with all mouse types and features non-slip track padding underneath, so it'll stay in place.


32. A Digital Thermometer That Makes A Great Gift For Meat Lovers

Maison-Market Digital Meat Thermometer, $11, Amazon

Get the temperature of your meats easily with this simple-to-use digital meat thermometer, which comes with a wire and probe that can withstand up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit. It only takes a few seconds to get an accurate read on this versatile device, and because it comes with an advanced touch screen design and an alarm function that beeps when the temperature hits the preset, you never have to worry that you're using it incorrectly. This also comes with two back magnets, so it's convenient to store.


33. These Functional Hair Ties That Also Double As Stylish Bracelets

ELLA by My Hair Tie Bracelets, $10, Amazon

A lot of people keep spare hair ties on their wrists when they don't have their hair pulled back for added convenience. But with these, you'll almost want to — it's a fashionable bracelet that fit a hair tie right in the center of it, so it functions as a practical piece of jewelry that will help you out when you need to throw your hair into a ponytail.


34. A Mini Flat Iron That's Perfect For Trips And Won't Fry Or Damage Your Hair

AmoVee Mini Flat Iron, $13, Amazon

For days when you can't head to the salon but still want to look like you just left it, you'll love this mini flat iron from AmoVee. It delivers professional-quality smoothing results because it uses ceramic technology to straighten hair without damage. With temperatures up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, it emits negative ions that work to eliminate frizz and make hair look more polished and radiant than ever. This styler is also small and lightweight, so it's easy to pack on-the-go and makes a great travel accessory.


35. A Soothing Eye Mask To Kick Those Self-Care Days Into Overdrive

Ikisdo Eye Mask, $13, Amazon

If you're feeling stressed or just plain wiped out after a long day, this eye mask is sure to be a relief to your face (and senses). It uses hot-cold therapy treatment to soothe tired, puffy eyes, while also helping reduce the intensity and occurrence of headaches. But the real reason to love this mask is that it's simply a great way to pamper yourself when you need a little extra self-care, and because it comes with adjustable straps, it'll conform to fit your face's shape every time you use it.


36. The Collagen-Enriched Pads That Reduce Under-Eye Puffiness

Purederm Eye Zone Collagen Mask, $5 (2 Pack), Amazon

Consider these collagen-enriched beauty pads your new secret weapon when it comes to maintaining a bright complexion. While there are all kinds of reasons why the sensitive skin under your eyes can get wrinkly, puffy, or red, these vitamin E and green tea extract-infused pads can calm skin down, while the collagen goes to work plumping up skin. For advanced hydration and a way to restore a soft, supple look to the skin around your eyes, these pads are a must-own.


37. A Silicone Sponge So You Can Kiss Smelly, Moldy Sponges Goodbye Forever

Peachy Clean Silicone Scrubber, $10, Amazon

Traditional sponges get stinky over time, but with the Peachy Clean, you can get the same solid scrubbing power as you would from a standard sponge — but without any mold or odor-causing bacteria to gunk it all up. That's because this sponge is made from a mold-resistant silicone that's tough on stains and set-in debris, but won't scratch sensitive surfaces. It's safe to use on everything from crystal to cast iron, and can even be refreshed and washed in the dishwasher.


38. These Air Purifying Bags That'll Make Bad Odors Float Away On A Cloud

Fresh Cloud Air Purifying Bag, $18 (3 Pack), Amazon

Whether you're looking to keep your fridge smelling fresh or get rid of lingering odors in your bathroom, these adorable little odor-eating bags are a go-to option. Shaped like clouds, these bags absorb smells and will have them floating off into the ether before you know it. Since these bags use activated charcoal to remove odors, they're chemical-free and non-toxic, while the bags themselves are reusable for up to two years because they can recharge right in the sun.


39. A Pair Of Scissors That Are Amazing When You Just Want The Perfect Slice

Dreamfarm Scizza, $20, Amazon

Pizza lovers who prefer to make their food at home know just how tough it gets sometimes to get the perfect bite-sized slice. Luckily, this ingenious invention makes it super-simple to get the right, appropriately sized slice with every meal. This pair of pizza cutters is made from hardened German stainless steel and comes with a non-stick nylon base, so these scissors won't scratch up your cookware or get dull against pizza stones. Since these blades are heat-resistant for up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you can also use them to slice up pizzas fresh out of the oven.


40. This Easy-To-Use Brush Cleaner That Removes Dirt And Bacteria In Literally Seconds

Seniore Makeup Brush Cleaner Kit, $23, Amazon

Cleaning makeup brushes is essential to keep your face protected from bacteria and potential breakouts. Still, cleaning brushes can be a total drag, unless you've got something like this electric makeup brush cleaner, which can get rid of bacteria, cosmetic residue, and other debris that lingers inside bristles. To start, just fill the bowl up with soap and water, then dip and dunk your brush into the soapy water. All you have to do is spin the brush to clean it, then spin it again to dry it. This is designed to fit brushes of eight different sizes and offers a cleaner, more fun way to maintain brushes.


41. This Innovative Tool That'll Sanitize Your Smartphone And Completely Get Rid Of Surface Smudges

iRoller Display Cleaner, $18, Amazon

With just a couple passes from this clever device, you can completely remove all fingerprints, smudges, and smears from the surface of your smartphone or tablet in ways that a microfiber cloth or towel just can't. Designed to be portable and convenient, the iRoller is under four inches, fits easily in a bag or pocket, and offers a quick, sanitizing cleanse — so you can remove daily bacteria build-up and make your electronic devices less of a germ haven.


42. A Multi-Functional Device That'll Revive The Look And Feel Of Your Clothes

Beautural Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover, $11, Amazon

Quick, efficient, and cheap AF, this multi-functional tool can prolong the life of your favorite garments. Made to remove lint and fluff without damage, this device can help you repair and maintain the look of every item in your wardrobe. It's fully adjustable, comes with two speeds and three shaving head holes that are ideal for matching up with different fabric and bobble sizes. In addition, the adjustable height spacer protects clothes and your hands from accidental cuts or nicks.


43. An Adjustable Organizer That'll Bring Order To Messy Countertops And Vanity Tables

PFFY Rotating Makeup Organizer, $15, Amazon

If you've got tons of clutter on your bathroom counter or on your vanity table, you need to grab this organizer. Ultra-spacious and adjustable, this 360-degree rotating organizer allows you to store all your brushes, cleansers, creams, and other cosmetic products with ease. Since this organizer is made from thick plastic, it's strong and can hold contents of different weights and sizes easily, and it's also washable.


44. This Bamboo Towel That's Gentle And Super-Soft On All Hair Types

TexereSilk Bamboo Hair Towel, $13, Amazon

This brilliant hair towel is made with moisture-wicking bamboo and cotton, so you're not only getting a towel that feels great to the touch, but you're also reducing the risk of split ends and hair damage. Why? Hair dries faster, so you don't need to blow dry as long, and the material is gentler on hair than traditional towels. One reviewer writes: "Whether long or short hair it works exactly like it is supposed to....dried my hair, fits snug, is lightweight and I will be buying more is the best I can say about a product!!"


45. A Spray That'll Keep Your Makeup Looking Incredible All Day Long

ArtNaturals Natural Makeup Setting Spray, $8, Amazon

Extend the look of your makeup for even longer with this makeup setting spray from ArtNaturals. Formulated with pomegranate and sage extracts, plus soothing aloe vera that hydrates and protects skin from damage, this spray is perfect day or night for putting the finishing touch on your look. It helps prevent fading and melting, and also can keep mascara, brow liner, and blush from caking up or flaking. Reviewers say it makes makeup last much longer, too, even in hot weather.


46. A Pair Of Deeply Moisturizing Gel Socks That Can Heal Cracked, Dry Heels

Oasis Gel Socks, $13, Amazon

For heels that need a little extra loving, give these cozy, one-size-fits-all gel socks a try. Built with a comfort-fit elastic ankle band and formulated with intensely nourishing therapeutic oils that hydrate and soften, these socks can give your feet the replenishment they need. While you're only getting one pair of socks per order, each pair can be used up to 40 times.


47. These Activated Charcoal Toothbrushes That'll Make Your Teeth Shine

Morihata Charcoal Toothbrush, $16 (Set of 2), Amazon

If you're looking for a way to naturally clean and whiten your teeth, you've got to try these toothbrushes made with Japanese binchotan charcoal. Binchotan charcoal absorbs odors in your breath and helps prevent bacterial build up in your teeth between brushes, while the bristles help remove plaque and stimulate gums — and that's before you add the toothpaste. Reviewers love that the bristles are not too soft or too hard.


48. An All-Natural Shampoo Bar That'll Hydrate And Strengthen Hair

Skinny & Co. Shampoo Bar, $15, Amazon

If you have medium to fine hair, this shampoo bar is a great alternative to bottle soap. It's made with 100 percent raw coconut oil and can hydrate while removing product and other build-up that can take away from the natural luster and radiance of your hair. Chemical-free but scented with lavender and orange, this scalp-soothing shampoo leaves a clean, fresh scent that will leave you feeling great all day long.


49. This Sunrise-Simulating Light That'll Make It Easier To Rise And Shine

Coulax Sunrise Alarm Clock, $22, Amazon

Getting out of bed doesn't have to be a hassle because with this sunrise-simulating light and alarm clock, you can make it naturally easier to rise and shine. You can choose from seven different colors, while the alarm clock function allows you to pick the perfect time to wake up with ease and emits six natural sounds, including the sound of waves, birds chirping, and more that you'd find outdoors.


50. The Brilliant Little Gadget That Chops Tons Of Garlic With Ease

Chef'n Garlic Zoom Chopper, $9, Amazon

Perfect for anyone who loves to cook but doesn't have the patience for some of the prep work, this chopper fits a few cloves at once in the chamber. Then — roll away and let the internal blades chop to a coarse or a mince. It's sturdy, takes up little space, and won't dirty up your kitchen cutting boards or leave your fingers smelling like garlic.

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