These 'AHS: 1984' Theories Hint There Could Be ANOTHER Killer Lurking Around The Camp

The 'American Horror Story: 1984' cast around the Hitchhiker

Now that we're a few weeks into American Horror Story: 1984, it's clear that there's more going on at Camp Redwood than meets the eye. Actually, it's clear on any season of AHS that there's more going on than meets the eye. But fans think AHS: 1984's hitchhiker, in particular, could be a big part of unraveling the mystery of Season 9.

In Episode 2, Margaret revealed that the hitchhiker (whose real name is Jonas) was a counselor at Camp Redwood during the 1970 massacre. But considering Margaret is the real killer and actually just framed Mr. Jingles, she's obviously not a reliable source. And now that the Night Stalker, too, has been resurrected, it seems like this whole bring-the-dead-back-to-life thing is an ongoing thing at the camp.

Of course, we don't know for sure that the two incidents are connected: Jonas just keeps magically reappearing after being killed, while we actually saw the Night Stalker's body heal itself and levitate. But given the fact that the hitchhiker is the only one who may know the truth about Margaret — even if he hasn't yet remembered what he saw — he'll certainly continue to be a key part of the story.

Here's what fans think could be going on with him.

The Grounds Are Keeping His Spirit Alive


Though the Night Stalker and the hitchhiker have been brought back to life in different ways, it seems unlikely they both just so happened to be revived. Twitter user @Sillyyyyrabbit suggested it's more about the camp than them specifically, and that the grounds may hold some sort of mystical properties that keeps certain souls alive.

He's Tied To 'Murder House' & 'Hotel'


When the official AHS Twitter account asked fans what they think is going on with the hiker, multiple users noted the camp isn't the first AHS location where souls of the dead have been trapped. Season 1's Murder House and Season 5's Hotel were both places those that died there couldn't leave. That doesn't necessarily apply to the Night Stalker, since the real serial killer he's based on killed other people after 1984. But perhaps there are more dead people trapped at Redwood who don't realize they're ghosts.

He's A Serial Killer


As shown on his camp counselor ID, the hitchhiker's full name is Jonas Sheevore. That's an anagram for Jason Voorhees, the main villain in horror franchise Friday the 13th. That prompted Twitter user @AhsImages to wonder if the hitchhiker could be a serial killer too. He sure would have a lot of company at Camp Redwood with Ramirez, Margaret, and Mr. Jingles, who unwittingly has become a serial killer.

He Can't Move On Until Margaret Is Caught


Rather than the grounds of Camp Redwood being full of ghosts, Twitter user @RandomSandy_ suggested that perhaps the hitchhiker's spirit can't move on because he's the only one who knows the truth about Margaret. Since he called himself a coward who left Margaret to die, he hasn't exactly put the pieces together and still assumes Mr. Jingles killed him. But maybe he'll realize why Margaret was covered in blood and tell everyone, like @junj_jj hopes.

He's Stuck In A Time Loop


In a thread about whether or not Jonas is a ghost, Reddit user Mrs_chainfrog proposed that the hitchhiker is stuck in a time loop. That might explain why he keeps telling people, "You're not supposed to be here!" In another Reddit thread, sethtylerrr questioned if there could be a time portal in 1970 that has brought him to 1984, which would lead AHS to introduce time-traveling later this season.

He's Part Of An Experiment


Digital Spy theorized that AHS: 1984 is going the route of the movie Cabin in the Woods, and that Jonas dying and coming back could be an indication that the counselors are stuck in a scary experiment he's a part of.

He's A Simulation Created By Science


Along the lines of the previous theory, fans are wondering if the camp — and Jonas — are part of a larger experiment. Reddit user urbansadfitters suggested that the hitchhiker could be a government simulation, while Redditor jenn_hm wondered if Jonas proclaiming, "I don't die here!" could mean he's in a virtual reality or video game setting — which might mean everyone else is too. And E! floated the idea that the hitchhiker could be a clone and that's how he keeps returning.

The last we saw of the hitchhiker, he asked Margaret, "What am I supposed to do now?" suggesting he could be in cahoots with her. But considering the description for the episode airing the night before Halloween, "The Lady in White," reads "the survivors help a stranded hitchhiker," expect Jonas to return — and perhaps be the key to the entire mystery of Camp Redwood and AHS: 1984.