Here’s What ‘Bachelor’ Stars Of Years Past Wore For Halloween 2017

by Marenah Dobin

If someone dresses up for Halloween and doesn't post a photo of their costume on Instagram, did they even dress up? No, not really. Thankfully, most reality stars are well-versed in social media etiquette. Many Bachelor alums shared their Halloween costumes on social media, so us fans could check out what they were up to for this year's parties.

For anyone who thought that the contestants and season leads went all out for their looks on The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise, their Halloween efforts were just on a whole other level. From the over-the-top (and most likely professionally done) makeup to the handmade costumes to the creative ideas, no one does Halloween like Bachelor stars.

Some of them went classic with their ensemble choices and others were super current with their outfits. From the couples costumes, to the the individual looks, to the family costumes with the (beyond adorable) Bachelor kids, a lot of thought went into most of these costumes. Sure, there were a couple people who just threw on a furry onesie or resorted to the standby cat ears and drawn on whiskers, but for the most part, there was really a lot of effort shown. Plus, it's arguably better to put in minimal effort and still participate than to not take part in Halloween at all.

Check out these 2017 Halloween costumes from Bachelor alums.

Peter Kraus As A Monkey

Sure, this isn't the most high effort ensemble, but Peter Kraus covering up his abs to dress as a monkey is quite the sacrifice (to anyone with eyes). Plus, he did throw some makeup on his nose to look the part.

Ashley Iaconetti As Taylor Swift

Ashley Iaconetti channeled Taylor Swift's instantly infamous "Look What You Made Me Do" music video with the perfect outfit, wig, red lipstick, and the tombstones from the video. She put a lot of thought into this one and it definitely paid off.

Sean & Catherine Lowe As The Big Lebowski

This was such a great family costume. Sean, Catherine, and their son, Samuel, put their own spin on The Big Lebowski by referring to it as "The Big Lowebowski."

Jade Tolbert As Minnie Mouse

Jade Tolbert celebrated her daughter Emmy's first Halloween with matching Minnie Mouse costumes. It really doesn't get much cuter than this.

Alexis Waters As The Purge

As the women who became an icon thanks to her dolphin/shark costume, the expectations were high for Alexis Waters this Halloween. As per usual, she did not disappoint. From her Purge mask to her post-Halloween pizza, Alexis is serving up #goals yet again.

Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasalo As A Playboy Bunny & Hugh Hefner

During their first Halloween as a couple, Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasalo had to go for a joint costume. They paid homage to late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner as the man himself and a Playboy bunny. (P.S. If you click through Rachel's IG slideshow, you'll get a peek at some other Bachelor alum's costumes.)

Dean Unglert As A Panda Bear

Anyone who follows Dean Unglert on social media knows he has a dog obsession, so it was a safe bet to assume that he would be a puppy for Halloween, but he went a different route. Instead he went all in on being a panda, complete with black and white makeup.

Corinne Olympios As Lara Croft

It is pretty clear that Corinne Olympios loves Halloween. She slayed it as a blonde Lara Croft from Tomb Raider among other costumes. She was also a "sexy soccer ball," and a fembot for Halloween.

Ben Zorn As Steve Irwin

Ben Zorn and his highly talked about dog Zeus dressed up as Steve Irwin and a crocodile.

Wells Adams As Eleven From Stranger Things

Wells Adams coordinated his Stranger Things Halloween costume with Modern Family's Sarah Hyland.

Nick Viall In A Onesie

It's not crystal clear what Nick Viall is dressed up as, but at least he's in the holiday spirit.

Vanessa Grimaldi As An Astronaut

Is anyone else getting flashbacks to Vanessa Grimaldi's zero gravity date with Nick during their first one-on-one? Even if that's a no, Vanessa is a great aunt for coordinating in an astronaut costume with her nephew.

Josh Murray As Maverick From Top Gun

Josh Murray and his dog both sported iconic costumes this year. Josh was Maverick and the dog was Batman, so they didn't coordinate, but they both made it work.

Olivia Caridi As Daenerys From Game Of Thrones

Olivia Caridi could be on Game of Thrones. That's how good she looked. She really did the most to pull off this costume and it's definitely working.

Jasmine Goode As A Deviled Egg

Jasmine Goode was punny and cute in her deviled egg costume.

Nikki Ferrell As Selena

Yes! Yes! Yes! Nikki Ferrell looked just like Selena in this outfit.

Jack Stone As A Lion

Jack Stone dressed up as the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz, and his dogs as two cowardly lions.

Danielle Lombard As Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande fans recognize Danielle Lombard's "icon" hat and pink tank from the singer's "Side to Side" music video.

Danielle Maltby As Dolores Abernathy

Danielle Maltby was very committed to pulling off her Westworld costume. From the outfit to the bloody rips, she nailed it.

Taylor Nolan & Derek Peth As A Cat & Jim From The Office

Derek Peth channeled Jim from The Office with his "three hole punch Jim" costume and his boo Taylor Nolan kept it classic with her cat attire.

If giving out roses for excelling at Halloween was a thing, these Bachelor alums would definitely get their names called.