One Very Good Reason Nick & Vanessa May Last

by Nicole Pomarico
Tehri Tuovinen/ABC

Since Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor wrapped up earlier this month, fans are having serious doubts about whether or not his engagement to Vanessa Grimaldi is going to last — especially not after their appearance on After The Final Rose. It was a pretty awkward interview, and both of them looked like they'd rather be anywhere else. But does that mean they're already unhappy in their relationship? I'm not convinced anything's wrong, and neither are some of the people who would know best. There are plenty of members of happy Bachelor couples standing with Nick and Vanessa, and they've already made their voices heard on social media.

Nick and Vanessa aren't doomed from the start just because of one weird interview. There are so many reasons they could have looked so uncomfortable that night, and it doesn't necessarily have to mean a split is in their future. After how long Nick has looked for love on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, I'm really rooting for him and Vanessa to make it, and if they work at it, they totally can.

Bachelor love is hard to hold onto, but these two could still make it — and plenty of the people of Bachelor Nation agree.

Catherine Giudici

Although her husband, former Bachelor Sean Lowe, spent most of the season snarking on the show (as per usual), Catherine seems to really believe in Nick and Vanessa, especially after seeing them on Good Morning America together. Instead of taking their ATFR behavior negatively, she saw it as their way of being realistic, which could mean their relationship will last.

Evan Bass

After his totally unlikely love story with Carly Waddell on Bachelor in Paradise, I'd definitely say that Evan knows what he's talking about. Plus, he's always been an honest dude, so if he's voicing his support of Nick and Vanessa, you know that's really how he feels. He's right — Vanessa's attitude is a lot different from many Bach winners, and while the relationships that come out of the show are not always successful, that difference could be a major plus for them.

Lauren Bushnell

Since Lauren was the current reigning Bachelor winner until Vanessa stepped up this season, her opinion means a lot. She and Ben Higgins faced a lot of judgment when their own relationship issues were broadcast on their reality show last year and they're still together, so it's safe to assume Lauren can spot a relationship that's working, even despite the real world's challenges.

JP Rosenbaum

Bachelorette Ashley and her final pick, JP Rosenbaum, have been married for more than four years, so if anyone here is qualified to say that Nick and Vanessa will last, it's these two. From what JP says, he and Ashley picked Vanessa from that very first night, which is really impressive if true. I want to know who they think Rachel will end up with at the end of The Bachelorette!

Here's hoping that these Bachelor alum are correct and that Nick and Vanessa will live happily ever after and have beautiful, multi-lingual children. They have plenty of support if they need advice from those who have been there!