These Cameron Dallas Vines Show How He Became Popular Enough For A Netflix Show

Vassi Dyulgerova/Netflix

You may have heard about Cameron Dallas before, but now that Netflix has released a reality show that chronicles his life, you'll be hearing the internet sensation's name a lot more. Dallas is the focus of the new Netflix original series, Chasing Cameron, which premiered on Dec. 27 and follows the Vine star and his crew as they travel through Europe on the MagCon (meet-and-greet convention) tour. If you need to see proof of why Dallas deserves his own show, take a look at this list of nine of Cameron Dallas' best Vines.

There are very few digital stars who have made the jump to other forms of media (one notable example is Colleen Ballinger, who also has a Netflix series, Haters Back Off, based on her YouTube personality, Miranda Sings), but it's no accident that Dallas is crossing over. He has millions of passionate fans all over the world who will surely follow him from social media to Netflix. But if Chasing Cameron is your first introduction to Dallas, don't fret. I have compiled some Vines to show you what kind of content helped him become so famous online. Trust me, at a quick six seconds each, they're worth checking out to get an idea of Dallas' background.

1When He Tried To Show His Mom How To Vine

Parents just don't understand, am I right?

2When He Recreated 'Titanic'

It's like watching the movie all over again... kind of.

3When He Tried To Catch Them All

It turns out, Poké Balls aren't so effective in real life.

4When He Found The Best Way To Use An Escalator

Innovation of the highest order.

5When He Ate All The Things


6When He Attacked People With Bubbles

Clearly, that guy is not a fan.

7When He Showed His Frozen Yogurt Skills

Honestly, I'm impressed.

8When He Sat Like A Boss

I am still trying to understand this.

9Mother/Son DAB Train

Apparently, Dallas is fine with sharing the spotlight with not just his friends, but their moms too.

To see what Dallas is like for more than six seconds at a time, you can watch Chasing Cameron on Netflix.