There's Already One Huge Clue That Jed Wins 'The Bachelorette'

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A man with a guitar is the surefire way to many women's hearts, and Jed used that to his advantage when he met Hannah B. on The Bachelorette. She found his musical talent incredibly charming, not to mention his sincerity when he revealed he'd gone on the show for his music, but wanted to stay so he could be with her. Now, Hannah is getting even closer to handing out her final rose, and though nothing is ever guaranteed on the show, there are a lot of clues that Jed wins The Bachelorette and ends up on the receiving end.

So far this season, Luke P. has monopolized the majority of screen time with his alpha-male need to constantly butt in to Hannah's relationships with the other guys. It's obvious that Hannah has feelings for Luke, but as the mid-season trailer hints, she might soon reach her breaking point and let go of the hope that he'll change. If and when that does happen, there's a good possibility that Jed will be the one waiting for her with open arms (and maybe even a proposal). Here are some other solid clues that Jed could be the winner of The Bachelorette — including, thanks to a certain late night host, one of the biggest indicators on the franchise.

Jimmy Kimmel Predicted Him To Be The Winner

The late night host has accurately predicted the winners of the last six of seven seasons of The Bachelor and the last five of seven seasons of The Bachelorette. Because he predicted Jed will be Hannah's winner, the odds are already very heavily in his favor.

He Had A Wonderful One-On-One Date

Jed and Hannah's Boston date seemed so natural. Hannah even said so herself. When they shared a kiss at the iconic Cheers bar and everyone, well, cheered, it was as if they were already a couple.

He Has Luck On His Side

Did you see that behind-the-back shot on the Celtics floor? According to a post he shared on Instagram after the date aired, he made it on the first try. That's the kind of luck winners have.

He Was Honest And Upfront With Hannah

As they chatted over dinner (that they didn't actually eat) at the end of their one-on-one, Jed made a confession. Hannah has begged the guys for vulnerability and honesty since day one, which is why he had to get something off his chest. He admitted that, when he signed up for the show, he was fully aware and willing to take advantage of the exposure it could lend to his music. But then he started legitimately falling for Hannah, and everything changed. She was very responsive to his honesty and thanked him for being so transparent. It earned him a rose.

He Dominated "The Highland Games" In Scotland

Kilt-clad Jed wasn't afraid to go to the greatest of lengths to impress Hannah during The Highland Games. After winning, Hannah handed him the deed to their land and they shared a steamy make-out sesh. If they already own property together as lord and lady, doesn't that make things official?

Of course, there's still time for things to change, but right now, Jed is the one to watch — as soon as Luke P. gets out of the way.

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