There's At Least One Major Clue Kady & Johnny Are Dating After 'Temptation Island'

Mario Perez/USA Network

The Temptation Island cast is nearly at the end of their journey. By now, everyone has paired off, and soon, the original couples will be reunited to talk about whether they want to stay together, break up and be single, or leave the island with someone new. Both Kaci and Evan and Kady and John seem headed toward break ups, and while Evan's pretty blatantly moving on with Morgan, are Kady and Johnny dating after Temptation Island, too?

In the March 11 episode, everyone went on overnight dates with the single of their choice. Kady and Johnny had been getting touchy for a while already, kissing openly and sleeping in the same bed. So really, this particular step didn't seem like as big of a deal for them as it did for some of the others (*cough* Karl and Brittney *cough*).

In the episode, Kady mentioned how conflicted she was feeling. She's said multiple times that she loves John and really likes Johnny, so clearly, she was still feeling somewhat stronger ties to her original boyfriend. However, after everything that John said about Kady on his date with Katheryn, it seems unlikely that he'd ever be willing to take her back.

As Kayla Blanton wrote for Bustle earlier in the season, based on John and Kady's social media, it doesn't seem like they're still in a relationship. And if they did break up, it's possible that Kady could have decided to explore things further with Johnny.

Speaking of social media, Kady and Johnny are both following each other on Instagram. While it's not exactly the hardest piece of evidence that these two are in a relationship, would you really be dating someone and not follow them? Kady's following both Johnny's personal account and his work account, and he's following her back from both accounts as well. In contrast, John isn't following Kady, although Kady does still happen to be following him...

What's more, the Johnny and Kady are at least still in contact. They both did an Instagram live video together, which Johnny then talked about in an interview with Talk Nerdy With Us. In the same interview, Johnny said that he didn't have any regrets about his time on his show, and he's pleased with the way everything turned out in the end. "I handled myself with class," he said, "and I don't regret anything that I did so I'm super happy with the way that it all worked it out." Is he so happy because he finally got the girl in the end?

Even if Johnny and Kady aren't together, this feels like even further proof that Kady and John don't last, as John probably wouldn't be too comfortable with her hanging out with a guy who almost broke them up. Obviously, the Temptation Island cast has to be pretty careful about not giving away any spoilers, so it's unlikely either Kady or Johnny will come out and admit whether they're together or not until after the finale has aired, but there are only two episodes left, so we should find out pretty soon.