Peter From 'The Bachelorette' Low-Key Has The Ultimate Winning Strategy

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His pilot puns have earned are enough to get him to the final rose, but there are plenty of other reasons Peter could win The Bachelorette. He's obviously falling harder and harder for Hannah each week, and according to her, their physical chemistry is a 10 out of 10. So far, they really haven't encountered any roadblocks in their relationship, which is a good indicator that Peter will go far. Plus, need we mention the swoon-worthy moment he asked Hannah to be official?

Unlike some of the other suitors, Peter has intentionally stayed away from the drama in the mansion, most of which has surrounded an emotional and confused Luke P. While guys like Garrett and Luke S. have let the tension drive a wedge between them and Hannah, Peter has kept his focus on her, and that's why their relationship continues to thrive. It seems like he's taken a cue or two from previous Bachelorette seasons, and he knows that talking about other contestants never gets you far, while taking advantage of your time together and growing your connection does. Aside from this effective strategy, here are some other clues that Peter ends up as the last man standing.

He's An All-Around Nice Guy

He has to be the contestant with the purest heart on Hannah's season, which perfectly matches her genuinely good intentions. They both have an innocent charm about them that suggests they see the world in similar ways, which makes them seem perfect for each other.

He Has His Priorities In Check

Though Peter hasn't gotten involved in any drama so far, it's clear that it upset him when Hannah broke down. After Hannah confronted all of the guys in tears, Peter was the first to come to her defense. "Honestly guys," he announced after Hannah left the room, upset. "Can we please just cut this sh*t ... did you just see that? How she was? Like, this sucks."

He Gushes Over Hannah Like A High School Boy

Aside from the fact that he still has kind of a boyish face (which is totally adorable), Peter acts like a crushed out high schooler when he's around Hannah. He even uses her middle name while talking about her, for Pete's sake! "I'm falling very hard for Hannah Kelsey Brown," he said on the show. "She just makes you feel so good and so comforting and just, like, inspires you to be a better person and she's just so sweet." He, of course, couldn't leave out "that little giggle she does" and "the twinkle in her eye." C'mon. Everyone knows that's the kind of love Hannah is looking for and deserves.

He's Already Her Official Boyfriend

Peter adorably asked Hannah to be his girlfriend, with the caveat that she could still date the other men on the show. He clearly only has eyes for her, but is understanding of the process. Get you a man that can do both.

And There's That Undeniable Physical Chemistry

If there's one thing that's not high school about their relationship, it's their sexual chemistry. And that pool table makeout was only the beginning. In a sneak peek of an upcoming episode, the couple gets even steamier. "It's just like so sexually driven," Hannah said on the show. "Like, so hot."

Their love definitely feels young at heart, but it has the potential to grow old as long as Peter keeps doing what he's doing.

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