All The Clues Tyler C. Wins 'The Bachelorette,' Because He Could Be A Dark Horse

Mark Bourdillon/ABC

Though Hannah's Bachelorette season has largely been focused on Luke P., amid all the drama, Tyler C. has proved he's a definite frontrunner. In fact, clues that Tyler C. wins The Bachelorette are starting to stack up. And they may very well indicate that it's him who gets the final rose in the end.

Though every Bachelor and Bachelorette season is filled with drama, Hannah's capital J Journey to find love has been especially rough. So far, she's had to send home a guy who had a girlfriend back home, deal with a whole "pity rose" situation with ABC Cam, and eye roll her way through all the hell Luke P. has raised — first with Luke S., then with, well... literally everyone else in the mansion. Because of that, as Hannah said during last week's episode, a lot of the focus has been pulled away from her, when that's why they're all there in the first place! But throughout it all, there have been a select few men like Tyler C. who have tried to keep the attention where it should be: on Hannah and their budding relationship.

There's still several weeks between now and the season finale, but if things keep progressing the way they are, odds are the end result will include Tyler getting down on one knee. For starters...

He's Proved He Can Be There Through Good And Bad Times

After a group date went completely awry, Hannah wasn't in a great headspace to go on the one-on-one date she had planned with Tyler. But instead of getting upset or annoyed about the situation, Tyler did his best to cheer her up, making clear he could there through thick and thin — since that's what real-life relationships are all about. You aren't always going to be happy all the time, and he wants to be a person she can lean on in good times and bad. That's precisely how Hannah (and all women, for that matter) deserve to be treated and it's that kind of unending support that earns final roses.

He's Drama-Free

Fans may come for the drama, but they ultimately stay to see an actual love story develop. So even though watching contestants like Luke P. can be entertaining, being the Bachelorette "villain" can only get you so far. Tyler C. has managed to stay out of all the drama, which bodes well for his future with Hannah.

He Seems *Very* Happy With How Things Turned Out

Like many contestants before him, Tyler has made a habit of posting about his time on the show online. That in itself isn't anything out of the ordinary, but his captions on Instagram definitely make it seem as though he's very pleased with how this whole thing turns out, particularly given the kind words he's said about Hannah. "I’ll always accept a rose from you @alabamahannah," one of his Instagram captions reads. "One step closer to your heart." Does that sound like something someone who gets his heart broken would say?

He Stays Under The Radar

Normally, you would think the more screen time someone gets, the better their chances are of staying on the show, but that's not necessarily the case. Producers don't want to make it too obvious who ends up winning, which is why the more chaotic contestants tend to eat up so much air time. So even though it may sometimes feel like Tyler is on the sidelines, that could just be to throw us off and not make it too obvious that he's the one who wins. This is The Bachelorette, after all — nothing is ever as it appears.

There's still a chance Tyler C. doesn't end up Hannah in the end, but these clues show he has a very strong chance — so you may want to update your Bachelorette brackets, if you can.