Tyler C.'s Instagram Commentary About The Latest 'Bachelorette' Episode Was SO Spot-On

by Marenah Dobin

Ever since his one-on-one date with Hannah, Tyler C. has been the Bachelorette contestant to watch this season. Not only do he and Hannah have a strong connection, but he is also extremely entertaining. The entertainment isn't just on the show though — Tyler C.'s Bachelorette commentary on Instagram Story will make fans love him even more. Yes, that is actually possible.

Not only that, but it's validating because Tyler says exactly what the viewers are thinking. He tells it like it is. He's hilarious. And, of course, he has that insider knowledge as a cast member on the season. More Bachelorette contestants need to come through with the live commentary. It really does enhance the viewing experience.

As Chris Harrison would say, the June 11 episode of The Bachelorette was "the most dramatic episode ever." Well, maybe not "ever," but definitely compared to the others this season. The drama just keeps on building week by week... cough, cough, thank you, Luke P.

The guys should be thinking about Hannah during filming, but it seems like Luke P. is always the topic of conversation. Or at least that's the footage that makes into every episode this season.


Last week's episode ended with a Luke P. vs. Luke S cliffhanger. So, of course, that's how the latest episode began. Not only that, but the episode also ended with yet another Luke P. cliffhanger. Is this the Luke P. show or The Bachelorette? When are we going to focus on an actual love story? Most likely whenever Luke P. gets eliminated. If that ever happens, which is truly up in the air at this point.

Unlike most of the other guys this season, we haven't really seen Tyler C. talking smack about Luke P. Instead, he just focuses on his time with Hannah. Imagine that: putting effort into forming a relationship on reality TV show about forming a relationship. What a novel concept!

Even so, Tyler did make it very clear where he stands in response to the Luke-on-Luke drama with a very concise Instagram Story.

As captivating as the feud was to watch, there were also some lighter moments from the episode that were equally entertaining. It was so sweet when Hannah invited Mike to a one-on-one date. The man had the biggest smile in the world. Tyler made an on-point comparison when he likened Mike's reaction to Will Ferrell's character in the movie Elf. He was way happier than an elf on Christmas morning.

Tyler couldn't help making another movie reference during Hannah and Mike's date. Mike really was reminiscent of Robin Williams in Jack when he was eating lunch with Hannah in Scotland.

Just like many other fans, including Demi Lovato, Tyler admitted that he is "crushing on Mike." Tyler has good taste, a good sense of humor, and even better commentary.

Tyler didn't limit the Instagram content to the other guys' scenes. He had a self-deprecating moment when he thanked the network for "being extra generous with that black box" when his kilt lifted up during that group date.

He even made fun of his own propensity to wear salmon blazers: the "it" fashion trend of the season, with not one, but two different memes.

As much as everyone loves Tyler as a Bachelorette contestant, he doesn't have to appear on a Bachelor show ever again if he promises to provide scene-by-scene commentary on Instagram every week. His take on the show is even more entertaining than the actual episodes.