These Cute & Comfy Sweatshirts Support The Human Rights Campaign

by Eliza Florendo

Shopping (read: spending money) can be so guilt-inducing sometimes. On one hand, buying something you really love feels amazing, but thinking about what that money could've gone to can be a real downer. Thanks to Loup's sweatshirts, you can shop for an ultra-comfy sweatshirt and feel good about it, since 30 percent of two different sweatshirts' sales will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign.

And with sweatshirts this cute, it doesn't even feel like you're being forced to buy something you don't want in honor of a good cause. In an array of different colors, from blue to yellow to green, there's a little something for everyone in this collection.

The two sweatshirts in particular that will be donating a partial of its proceeds to are the "Babe" and "Petite Amie" sweatshirts. Based in New York City, Loup focuses on providing quality products at a reasonable cost.

Using high-quality materials and cute designs, they've got the comfy, yet stylish thing down. And now, with this donation program, Loup can add feel-good, too.

The first sweatshirt, the "Babe" crewneck, is a limited-edition terry sweatshirt stitched by Old English Rose in Brooklyn, NY. With a zipper in the back, it's the perfect crewneck to throw on and off with ease.


Babe Sweatshirt, $55,

With a little tiny red stitching reading "babe" by your heart, it's simple and sends a cute little message. Plus, with embroidery coming back in style, you'll be right on trend with everyone else.

The second product, the "petite amie" sweatshirt, is equally as cute. Made in the same material and also stitched by Old English Rose, the only difference is the message emblazoned on the front.


Petite Amie Sweatshirt, $55,

Petite Amie, which is slang for girlfriend in French, reads along this sweatshirt in black stitching. Again, so simple, and so cute.

Feeling good and looking good has never been easier, thanks to Loup. To learn more about The Human Rights campaign, click here.