These Doughnut Plant Doughflowers Are Almost Too Pretty To Eat

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The world has already seen its fair share of novelty doughnuts, from these '90s-themed ones to the infamous cronut. But now, the latest kind of doughnut is not only delicious, but also as pretty as a flower to look at — literally. New York’s Doughnut Plant is now introducing “Doughflowers,” a new rose-shaped take on the favorite pastry.

According to The New York Times, Doughnut Plant owner Mark Israel is the brains behind these beauties. Fresh off a stint providing the desserts for this year’s Met Gala, Israel is now stepping up his game even more with these amazing rose doughnuts.

Though the Doughflowers are almost too pretty to eat (almost), it would probably be too hard to resist these yummy creations — especially since they come in a variety of flavors. Doughnut Plant is reportedly offering these specialty doughnuts in a wide range of glazes, including (of course) rose, made with rose water and edible crushed petals; Italian blood orange, with orange blossom water; and strawberry, made entirely from fresh berries. How delicious do those all sound?

And they look even more magical than they sound. Just take a look at these delectable desserts:

The Doughflowers are now available at Doughnut Plant for $5 each. New Yorkers have several locations to choose from, including their Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn locations.

The novelty pastries are currently being sold indefinitely, so doughnut lovers still have some time to grab a few for themselves — or gift them to someone else in lieu of a bouquet of flowers. Hey, a rose is a rose, after all.