These 'Game Of Thrones' Memes & Tweets Will Make True Fans Love The Show Even More

It's been a cold, long winter without the gang from Westeros bloodying up the TV screen every week. While this past season of Game of Thrones only took up seven weeks, it filled audiences with enough drama and fight scenes to last a lifetime. But now, we're aching for more, and Game of Thrones memes and tweets are the only things to sustain fans while they wait for news about the upcoming and final season of the series. Any news at all would suffice, like what month Season 8 will premiere in or which characters we can expect to bite the dust.

But for now, we have tweets, and they're pretty great. Game of Thrones tends to be soul-draining at times, with favorite characters dying or beloved couples being separated. But despite the sadness, millions of fans wouldn't abandon the show for the world. And these tweets get at exactly how addicting the series is, and why we all seriously can't wait for Season 8 to premiere — whenever that actually happens. Sigh.

1. Lyanna Brings All The Boys To The Yard

Lyanna Stark-Targaryen: aka Eddard Stark's sister, aka Rhaegar Targaryen's legitimate wife, aka Jon Snow's real mother. Her beauty caught Rhaegar's eye, which led to his annulment with Elia. Plus, Lyanna also garnered the attention of Robert, Cersei's first husband. The "distracted boyfriend" meme certainly fits this little love pentagon quite nicely.

2. Dany Is Probably Pregnant

In Season 7, Daenerys' inability to have kids was such a big deal that it makes fans wonder what the writers have up their sleeves – especially after the fact that Jon and Dany's heritage was realized as soon as they had sex. There are no such things as coincidences in Westeros.

3. You Do Not Want Arya To Say Your Name

Arya's list of people she wants to kill is recited every night, and she adds a new person whenever she or her family has been wronged in some way. She's working her way down the list quite nicely, but you just need to make sure that your name doesn't end up on it. Tom Hanks' reaction in this clip here is exactly appropriate.

4. Wheels Are Not Daenerys' Thing

If you've seen Game of Thrones, you know the quote this meme is referring to. Dany's goal is to break the metaphorical wheel that all the fighting houses are stuck on. Fight the system, stick it to the man, break the wheel. It's all that simple in Daenerys' mind. Putting it in Drake form just makes it even better.

5. The Dragons Know, Duh

By the end of Season 7, the audience and a few characters know that Jon is actually a Targaryen, so it was no wonder that Drogon — the most vicious of Dany's three dragons — got on pretty well with this virtual stranger. Of course, Dany and Jon were none the wiser, and that ignorance led to more attraction between them.

6. Really Close Families

Not much needs to be said here except that the Targaryens are one really close family. Incest is a rather big plot point throughout Game of Thrones and not just with the Family of Dragons (hello, Cersei and Jaime). With Daenerys' and Jon's last scene together, it doesn't look like that topic is going away anytime soon.

7. Throne Wars: The Last Tyrell

Mix a standout background character from the latest Star Wars movie with one of the best from GoT, and you get a pretty great meme. The fish nuns from The Last Jedi have the sass and hard work necessary for any head of a house, and Olenna Tyrell would certainly admire them. Plus, her last words (which slay every time) should be tweeted everywhere.

8. Long Live Hodor

A creative costume that honors such a great, kindhearted character should be a win in anyone's book. While Hodor no longer walks the land of Westeros due to his sacrifice, he certainly has a place in our hearts forever. And using a Raisin Nut Bran box to symbolize Bran Stark is so clever.

9. Eye Roll At This Westeros Man

Gilly not only learned how to read, but she also discovered one of the biggest twists in Game of Thrones history and she didn't even get the credit for finding it! Sam, do better.

10. Jon "Always Slightly Brooding" Snow

Kit Harington with the brooding gaze is just what the world needs. And his expression is understandable; the White Walkers are not going to kill themselves.

11. The Right Reaction To That Relationship

If you watch this 20 times in a row, no one will blame you because it's hilarious. The clips of Harington having a major freak out comes from the mockumentary 7 Days in Hell and, when edited together with this realization scene, is comedy gold. Even if you ship Dany and Jon together, this will make your day.

12. Once You Go GoT, You Can Never Go Back

Any fan of Game of Thrones can tell you that it's kind of a full-time job. Sunday nights are dedicated to the show and the following week consists of conspiracy theories, memes, and promos for the coming episode. And don't even get started on hiatuses like the one currently happening. For hardcore fans, loving the show is an all-consuming relationship.

13. Will The Real Queen Please Stand Up?

There are some things you can never unsee, like Kit Harington's sketch on Jimmy Kimmel. So perfect.

14. No More Waiting

Whether it's the Spongebob narrator saying "2,000 years later" or the classic Titanic meme above, GoT fans can relate to the idea that the show needs to come back soon. It's already been more than six months since the last new episode, and it'll be many more until the next. The horror, the horror!

15. Jon vs. Everybody

Again, Spongebob memes always do the trick. Jon is leading the charge on the White Walkers in more ways than one, so this glimpse into Season 8 is certainly not wrong. And the resemblance between Jon and Mr. Krabs is uncanny.

17. Why Does Our Happiness Always Have To Be Ruined?

The chemistry between Dany and Jon was honestly so palpable. They both deserve love, and it seemed like they'd each found someone to give it to them. Plus, Dany's children got along with Jon, so that's a huge plus. However, all shippers' hopes were dashed as soon as it was confirmed they were related. You can still love them together, but there are some clear moral conflicts there.

18. Poor, Poor Jorah

Khaleesi probably wouldn't be this rude to Sir Jorah, but you get the point. Now that Jon's in the way, Jorah probably doesn't stand even the slightest bit of a chance (if he ever really did) with Dany. At least he got rid of the Greyscale, right?

19. The Ever Present Time Continuity Errors

Westeros is big, a full country with enough space to have different climates and seasons throughout. So it's always funny when characters seem to transport between regions like it's no big deal. They only have carriages and horses to travel across land, so the speed of their trips is definitely questionable.

20. Jon The Dragon Tamer

Much like Chris Pratt's Owen Grady and his raptors, Jon clicked super well with Drogon. Neither Daenerys nor Jon knew exactly why that is, other than maybe it was meant to be (insert heart-eyes here), but it makes for a sweet moment. If there was anything that could make this scene more epic, it'd definitely be the theme to Jurassic Park.

Oh, Game of Thrones, won't you hurry back already?