These Huge Conversation Heart Bath Bombs May Actually Make You Look Forward To Valentine’s Day

Whether you have plans with a bae or plan to kick it with friends, Valentine's Day is a holiday of frivolous fun and too-cute-to-boot themes. From kitschy Valentines that remind you of grade school crushes to delicious chocolate boxes filled with sugary treats, it's a day of love. And your Valentine's Day will absolutely not be complete without a ridiculous, big-as-the-actual-planet-earth, mega-sized conversation heart-shaped bath bomb. Seriously

The Pearl Bath Bombs Valentine's Day Line is a collection of three gigantic conversation heart bath bombs that you can either buy bundled or individually. This limited-edition range is the gift of a luxurious bath, and even has a hidden surprise ring at the end when the bomb fizzes out (which I'm going to go ahead and assume it probably takes around three hours to accomplish.) Use this responsibly because it might blow up your bathroom, but also you might not care if it's covered floor-to-ceiling in foam because it's just that fabulous.

Not only is it a fun and unusual gift, but Pearl Bath Bombs is also an ethical brand, so those that have made the switch to cruelty-free and eco-friendly companies can still enjoy their products. The bombs are cruelty-free and 100 percent vegan, and use only ethically sourced, natural ingredients. Plus, they are packed with biodegradable packing peanuts.

If you're wondering if this is a gimmick product thanks to its hilarious size, it actually offers you way more than a laugh. While eye-poppingly big, the bombs have a bevvy of great skincare pluses. Each bomb has different ingredients, so below is a breakdown of each one.

Be Mine Heart Ring Bath Bomb

Be Mine Heart Ring Bath Bomb, $20, Pearl Bath Bombs

Whether you get it for a Valentine or you buy it for yourself, this heart candy bath bomb will be sure to make the day extra fun. Packed with ginger and lime, it gives off an energizing scent and a sunshine yellow fizzy experience.

Ur The Bomb Heart Ring Bath Bomb

Ur The Bomb Heart Ring Bath Bomb, $20, Pearl Bath Bombs

This bath products indulges in a little pun action with "ur the bomb," but that makes it all the more amazing. Frothing into a sky-blue foam, this bomb combines witch hazel and almond oil to leave your skin soft and smooth. The smell isn't bad either, combining yummy lychee and red tea with subtle undertones of lily and geranium, giving you a fruity and floral vibe.

Hi Cutie Heart Ring Bath Bomb

Hi Cutie Heart Ring Bath Bomb, $20, Pearl Bath Bombs

For those that don't want to be subtle, the "Hi Cutie" bath bomb is the equivalent of a flirty wink. This is probably the most "traditional" Valentine's Day option, seeing how the bomb's pink color will foam out into a pastel pink soak. It also has a floral scent to it, making you think of bouquets of Valentine's Day flowers on your desk or counter. Fresh and floral, it mixes the citrusy scent of neroli with romantic peonies and violets. Perfect for the holiday.

Conversation Heart Collection

Conversation Heart Collection, $50, Pearl Bath Bombs

For those who just can't choose (or want to get a piece of the present for themselves,) the trio bath bomb collection is perfect. With it you'll receive all three bath bombs — "Hi Cutie," "Ur the Bomb," and "Be Mine" — proving to your crush just how much you like them. You also get a $10 discount buying them bundled rather than individually, clocking in at $50 instead of $60.

Whether you decide to get all three or test drive just one, this is the perfect out-of-the-box present for the holiday.