This Behind The Scenes 'GBBO' Gossip Has Low Key Restored My Faith In Humanity

Great British Bake Off/Channel 4

On your marks! Get ready! Bake! Hell yes you are familiar with that line, because who doesn't love The Great British Bake Off? Watching it is joy after joy, with endless amounts of light entertainment for all the family. Also let's be honest, it is a frickin' emotional rollercoaster am I right? History, however, has taught us that meeting your heroes can be the worst. Someone nice as pie on telly can be, well, horrid as poo IRL. So, it was an absolute pleasure to hear these Great British Bake Off backstage secrets which reveal that the hosts are thoroughly lovely.

Speaking to the Express, one of last year's contestants Ruby Bhogal said that real talk, the team might look alright on telly but behind the scenes they are actually super nice. Nicer than mere cameras can catch. Basically so flipping nice that there is too much footage for editors to wade through so you only see a smidgeon of it.

"Honestly the [judges/hosts] are so nice. Production do a fantastic job at editing the show but I don’t think they do them justice some of them time. They’re so funny in person and so kind-hearted and warm".

OMG guys! You absolute MELTS! Hosts Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding appear to have supremely stepped up to the plate in terms of their ability to not only host, but support.

Great British Bake Off/Channel 4
"When you're doing the challenges and you're feeling a bit stressed or someone is in a bit of a wobble, Noel and Sandi are sent in by production to kind of help chill you out a bit. I remember when my cake fell over and they were real saviours to me. I don't show my emotions too much and it was a case of try not to cry, but having their support as soon as that happened helped me. They didn't have to do that".

So what about the judges then? Does Paul Hollywood's steely piercing blue glare hide an innate meanness? Do Prue Leith's (frankly incredible) brightly coloured garms obscure a cruel heart? OMG not at all. They are basically both super nice too. Bhogal was clear that their comments weren't needlessly cruel (take note, Jason Gardiner) and served to improve the bakers as opposed to putting them down.

Great British Bake Off/Channel 4
"Likewise with Prue and Paul, some of their comments might come across quite harsh but its constructive criticism and if you take that on board you will will improve and progress. Their comments were all tongue in cheek and I took it on board, and managed to get to the final with their constructive criticism".

The show arguably faced an uphill battle after its production company, Love Productions, chose to move from BBC to Channel 4 owing to various disagreements. Judge Mary Berry decided not to stay on the show, and hosts Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc famously said they were "not going with the dough". A pun which was the perfect drop the mic for the comedic duo whose LOLs basically stole the show from start to finish.

New hosts Toksvig and Fielding, and new judge Leith, have absolutely stepped up to the plate and the show remains as fun as ever. The new season's premiere is yet to be announced but the show usually kicks off in August so I would say watch this space.