These Hilarious Shakespearean New Year's Resolutions Are Just What You Need To Get Over 2016


If you hated this year, but still aren't sure what you plan to do in the next, these Shakespearean New Year's Resolutions from Good Tickle Brain are just what you need to give 2016 the boot. Find out what your favorite Shakespearean characters plan to do in the new year below!

If you've been keeping up with Good Tickle Brain's New Year's Resolution comics over the last few years, I have a bit of bad news: there are no new comics out yet. The most recent resolutions posted to the Shakespearean comics site date to January of 2016, which means we may have another trio of characters to draw inspiration from, or not. Either way, the three existing comics are exactly the kind of fun we need in 2017.

(Although, if Good Tickle Brain is taking suggestions for new comics, I offer up my own plan to be like Ophelia and float away from my problems in 2017.)

Even if artist Mya Gosling isn't planning to draw any more Shakespearean New Year's Resolution comics for the upcoming year, Good Tickle Brain still has plenty of holiday content for your entertainment. Just check out these Shakespearean Christmas carols for some post-Yule earworms to delight your literary friends!

What Shakespearean New Year's Resolutions are on your list this year? Share your plans for 2017 with me on Twitter!