These $425 Jeans Zip Into Booty Shorts

by Kali Borovic

Remember that '90s fashion trend that let you zip your pants into capris and shorts? Well, it's back and in a trendy new way. As Allure found, Opening Ceremony created detachable jeans that actually turn into booty shorts with just a few snaps. What a time to be alive! I guess when it comes to fashion, you really can have it all.

There have been tons of ridiculous jean creations lately. It all started with the clear knee mom jeans and quickly progressed to see-through moto jeans. Heck, there's even been $425 jeans that come dirty, but this one is the most nostalgic yet. Opening Ceremony's jeans look like light-washed, high-waisted mom jeans at first glance. But upon closer inspection, you'll see that there's a cutout in the front and back that actually un-buttons to convert into shorts.

If you want to nail two trends at once, it will cost you. In true Open Ceremony form, these two-in-one jeans are... drumroll, please... $425. That's not exactly the most affordable, but, then again, these aren't your average pair of pants. Something tells me that these won't be the next big everyday trend anytime soon. There's is a chance that some celebrities could rock them though. After all, Kylie Jenner does love wearing Opening Ceremony.

Detachable Cutout Front Jeans, $425,

As far as the jeans go, they're trendy to say the least. The pants are pretty much the bottom version of the cold-shoulder shirt. When un-buttoned, they transform into some pretty fashion forward shorts too. They're, well, really short. According to the product images on the website, they come up extremely high on the thighs, similar to a bodysuit.

Detachable Cutout Front Jeans, $425,

If the bleached denim option isn't for you, no fear! They actually come in black as well. Because, you know, the more options the better. Unfortunately, they are even more expensive than the other pair. You'll have to pay $469 to get them in the dark shade.

Detachable Cut Out Side Jeans, $460,

There's no better time to get into the trend than right now. It's cold in the morning, sweltering in the afternoon, and a little bit chilly at night. Now you'll have pants that can transform with the weather! You'll just have to spend your entire life savings to stock up.