These Temporary Tattoos Look Real AF

Tattoos are a major commitment. They are meant to last forever and if you decide to get rid of a tat, it requires painful laser treatment which isn't always fully effective or a bigger tattoo to cover up the original. If you love the look of tattoos but aren't ready for forever, temporary tattoos are the next best thing.

What is Well, the company, which just launched a Kickstarter campaign, sells a patent-pending patch that allows you to rock a temporary tattoo for several weeks. It's faux, but is purported to look totally legit. You get all of the cool, none of the permanence, and none of the pain. It's a total test-drive.

How is different from the plethora of fake tattoos on the market? In addition to being long-lasting, the patch's ink is natural and safe, like the South American cousin of Henna. It is derived from the Jagua fruit, which South American cultures have used for centuries of bodily decor.

It functions like a medical patch. You apply it, wait a few hours, remove the patch, and show off your new "ink." The patch leaves behind a no mess, no hassle, black tattoo.

It's a modern take on an age-old form of artistic expression. The patch is all-in-one and according to the press materials received by Bustle, Jagua is a common ingredient in beauty products.

It's fast, fun, and fleeting, in the best kind of way. You can get the same design and place it on different parts of your body each time or wherever the mood suits you. Or you can swap out designs every couple of weeks.

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"When my brother and I started working on this project, we were both motivated by our love for tattoos and body art, but also by our hesitation to pick one design to put on our bodies for the rest of our lives," said Oz Arie, co-founder of the company. "For us, represents the best of both worlds. It provides a realistic tattoo that lasts several weeks, plus it relies upon one of the oldest body art techniques out there — Jagua."

The extensive catalog of designs are available for pre-order. Additional designs will be added frequently, so you can play with any style you like.

Even more exciting, is looking to partner with other body art designers in the future, so they, too, can showcase their work to a fresh audience.

The designs on the Instagram sure look real AF to me. The company looks to be removing some of the barrier to entry element of tattoos. Now, temporary tattoos can be occasion-driven or occasion-specific and allow for a test-run before taking the plunge and going under the needle.

You can be spontaneous and get a feel for a tattoo before really going for it. Plus, if you have been mulling over getting your first tattoo, or even if you have tattoos and aren't sure of the bodily real estate in which to place your next tattoo, allows you to try before you buy! You can experiment with how ink looks in different locations or how you feel about a tattoo on a certain spot of your body before going all in. lessens the "think before you ink" element of tattooing.