There Are More Than 140,000 Lush ASMR Videos On YouTube Because Bath Bombs Were MADE For Tingles

Odds are you already know Lush for its relaxing bath bombs, incredible lotions, and super innovative packaging. But the biggest fans found a whole new way to use the products. According to the brand, there are over 140,000 Lush ASMR videos on YouTube to make you relaxed AF. Some of them even feature the ultimate fans role playing employees. Get your headphones ready, because it's about to get tingly.

ASMR, known also as autonomous sensory meridian response, is that feeling that you get when listening to someone whispering or hearing certain sounds. You know, like that sizzle of a bath bomb or crinkle of the biodegradable cellophane. Add to that the whispering of a fake Lush employee and you have the ultimate ASMR video.

While some people are sticking to an at-home demo of products, others are actually role playing like they are helping the viewer find a product. Some fans even go so far as to stand in front of a green screen that looks like they're actually in a store.

Other videos include fans cutting soap into pieces, ripping apart shower jellies, and tapping on product packaging. Some people even just do hauls in a whisper voice with no music, so that people can hear the sounds that the products make.

The point of the videos are meant to bring a physical tingle to the body and put people in a relaxing state of mind. Although, according to The Doctors, there has not been a controlled study to show the benefits, 80 percent of people watching the videos say they felt more relaxed hours after watching.

Even the ASMR website says that science cannot explain ASMR and the videos that bring relaxation to people. The website says that it has something to do with endorphins being sent to the brain, but there is no clear science on how or why this works.

Regardless of science, people swear by these videos. Whatever helps your anxiety and stress levels and doesn't hurt anyone else is a great option. Bonus points that these are all free.

In Store Role Play

This person went so far as to photoshop her background to make it look like she's a part of the store. It's almost 25 minutes long, so get yourself a snack, grab some headphones, and get ready to relax.

2. Product Description Pronounciation

This woman sits in front of a microphone and reads the product descriptions and plays with the products. There's over 200,000 views on the video, so she must be doing something right in the world of ASMR.

3. Bubble Bath Sounds

The only thing more relaxing than actually taking a bath yourself is apparently watching someone else take one. Between the water running, bubbles, and splashing, you can close your eyes and go into deep relaxation.

4. ASMR Haul

If you're tired of the traditional beauty haul, this is the one for you. Not only does she talk about all the Lush products that she gets, but she actually plays with them as well. The sounds on this one will have you in hypnosis.

5. Headphones Only Zone

Some of the videos don't need headphones to enjoy, but this one does. Her voice is super soft and you can only hear what's going on if you pop on headphones and rally get in the zone.

6. Underwater Camera

This is the ultimate ASMR video. It includes underwater cameras and slow motion product dissections. Get ready for almost an hour of ASMR fun.

7. Short & Sweet

if you're not looking for a logn video, this is the one for you. You can always put it on a loop and play it all day long too. The possibilities are endless

Forget your traditional salon experience, because this one is way cheaper.