You Need To See This Outdoorsy Suit Line

Sometimes I feel like there isn't much room to play around with men's fashion. You have your suit and your tie and basically you're only options are to change the color of the tie and add a pocket square. But not menswear designer Nick Graham. He created a collection called "Men In Their Natural Habitat" and it is nothing if not creative.

Nick Graham's Fall/Winter 2016 line is self described as " a masculine collection that merges the detail and fit of proper British tailoring with the feel and attitude of the Great American outdoors. It is a combination of elegance for the diverse lifestyle for todays Modern Man." It also includes whimsical additions to the clothing. Like ducks. And pinecones. Cause #fashion.

Aside from the somewhat bizarre adornments, the suits are actually pretty nice. They are definitely well tailored and I really like Graham's use of tartan plaid and bowties. I'm assuming the eccentric accents are for show, but you can't help but chuckle a little bit. An owl perched on some hot models shoulder is just too good. I could probably do without the grass in their shoes though. Not really my thing.

Here are some of the amazing ensembles brought to you by Nick Graham with my very own endearing nicknames.

Mallard Bae

Nick Graham

I like carrying around ducks too — want my number?

Pinecone Bae

Nick Graham

When you tell bae you like pinecones and he shows up to your door like...

Flower Bae

Nick Graham

Regular bouquets are so boring.

Cardinal Bae

Nick Graham

I'm not even sure how those birds are attached to his head.

Feather Bae

Nick Graham

This is definitely the most normal of the bunch, surprisingly.

Owl Bae

Nick Graham

Everyone needs a sidekick.