These Mini Emergency Kits Can Fit In Your Purse & Will Get You Through Any Beauty 911

Pinch Provisions

If you're no stranger to coffee breath, a chapped lip, or a forgotten tampon: Congrats! You're in great company. If you'd rather not be so friendly with these common annoyances, though, there's a mini emergency kit that fits in your purse and covers all those bases (and many more) that you need to get. Then, immediately throw one into every tote, clutch, and backpack you own.

The Pinch Provision Minimergency Kit is a kind of beauty, fashion, and hygiene care hybrid that packs single-use everyday essentials into a tennis ball sized zip-up pouch. It's all the things you always have at home (Band-Aids, deodorant, hairspray) but never actually on you, which makes all the difference when the need arises. After all, who wants to keep their bathroom counter tumbling around in their bag at all times?

I received my first Minimergency Kit as a stocking stuffer many years ago, and the multitasking personal care arsenal has gotten me through many a tough spot. My most recent save by the kit was when I forgot to buy deodorant for two days in a row. Not one to go bare-pitted, I used the kit's deodorant wipes (two packets' worth), until I could get to the drugstore again.

The Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit:


Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit, $29, Amazon

Contents: Adhesive bandage, deodorant toilettes, nail polish remover pad, stain remover pad, clear elastics, lip balm, emery board, tampon, hairspray, clear nail polish, dental floss, mending kit, breath freshener, double sided tape, Advil, earring backs, safety pin

Pinch Provisions also customizes kits for specific events in particular — the places where you'd really rather not deal with a beauty or fashion fiasco: festivals, weddings, and a big night out (the last one's even done in partnership with Benefit Cosmetics).

Check out the customized kits below!

For Festivals:
Pinch Provisions

Pinch Provisions Festival Kit, $45, Amazon

Contents: Dry shampoo, deodorant toilette, rain poncho, tampon, blister balm, hair tie, adhesive bandage, sunscreen, temporary tattoos, ear plugs, breath drops, bobby pins, earring backs, folding brush + comb, lip balm, mending kit, safety pin, facial tissue, hand cleaning toilette, pain reliever

If you, too, have been forced to buy a $25 'souvenir' poncho when that unscheduled thunder storm descends, you know the pain of being unprepared. This festival emergency kit lets you skip the price gouging poncho purchase, in addition to a myriad of day-ruining mishaps you didn't see coming.

For Wedding Days:
Pinch Provisions

Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit For Bride, $29, Amazon

Contents: Double sided tape, stain remover, clear nail polish, mini blotting tissues, dental floss, deodorant toilette, hair spray, emery board, nail polish remover pad, clear elastics, safety pin, pain reliever, adhesive bandage, tampon, facial tissue, earring backs, antacid, breath freshener, bobby pins, extra wedding bands, mending kit

Not today, migraines, fabric rips, and other everyday irritations that better get out of your way! On your wedding day of all days, you should be free from all that nonsense, and this kit is here to help you do that.

For Nights Out:

Pinch Provisions Best.Night.Ever Kit, $27, Sephora

Contents: Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Face Primer, Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Beyond mascara, adhesive bandage, facial tissue, compact mirror, hairspray, earring backs, mending kit, double-sided tape, deodorant toilette, stain remover, facial cleanser, breath drops, safety pin, mini comb and hair bands, dental floss, emery board, bobby pins, and more

How many times have you gone straight out after work, only to lament leaving that one thing at home — be it hairspray, mascara, or a dot of primer? This night-out kit ensures you always have mini versions of top shelf cosmetics, in addition to other night-saving necessities you'll want all in one place.

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