These 'Mr. Robot' Stars Have Something To Say About Your Fan Theories

by Taylor Ferber
USA Network/Peter Kramer

The mysterious and twisty show Mr. Robot serves one major turn after the other. Season 1 floored fans with the reveal of who Mr. Robot actually is, Season 2 threw another major confusion in the mix with truth about the prison, and now that Season 3 is coming to a close (with the last episode on Dec. 13), fans are still hard at work trying to understand what the hell is going on. The show's stars are surprisingly in the same boat. Carly Chaikin and Portia Doubleday weigh in on fan theories, suggesting some are more viable than others, and say they have been thinking up explanations of their own.

Fans never know who or what to believe since the show is constantly bending Elliot's (Rami Malek) point of view and reality (or what fans think is reality). And it seems like creator Sam Esmail keeps his secrets about the show so under-wraps that even his cast is left guessing. "I have zero idea what happens. Literally zero idea," says Chaikin (Darlene). "Once the finale comes out, us and the rest of the world will be on the same page." Fans may never truly get the satisfaction of answers they're seeking, but in the meantime there are incredibly thorough internet theories.

The Time Travel Theory

Mr. Robot's time travel theory is one fans have seriously considered, given that Elliot's favorite movie is Back To The Future II and Whiterose has a persistent obsession with time (and was shown in front of a giant machine in the Season 3 premiere). Both Chaikin and Doubleday (Angela) are dumbfounded over the idea. "I don’t know how that would work," Chaikin says with Doubleday agreeing. Chaikin does, however, see the potential tie to Whitehorse. "I think a lot of people get that from Whitehorse this time, so I could see where someone would get that from," she says. But of course, anything goes in Esmail's brainchild. "That could be possible or not," she adds.

The theory is so outrageous to Doubleday, she jokes that it's tied to another fan favorite show altogether. "We’re actually the prequel to Stranger Things," Doubleday jokes. "So in the next two seasons, El is just gonna pop up out of nowhere! You’re gonna see our time traveling parallel universe created the Upside Down." That honestly would be epic.

The Parallel Universe Theory

In Season 2, Whiterose's alter ego Minister Zhang presented the question: "Have you ever wondered how the world would look if the Five/Nine Hack had never happened?" Since, the possibility of alternate realities and parallel universes in Mr. Robot pushed the show into sci-fi territory and had fans seriously theorizing. Doubleday sees the possibility. "With the tone of the show [and] especially with how much Sam knows about technology, I could see that being an interesting angle," she says.

But given how hard a multi-dimensional universe is for fans to wrap their heads around, Doubleday raises even more questions. "I just don’t know what would be parallel to what you see," the actor says. "What is the parallel? What’s happening instead? What would that look like?"

If this theory does in fact prove to be true, there's so much to be explored. "[That] could be the next couple seasons," Doubleday suggests. "Imprints of what we’ve seen so far but that actually didn’t transpire." Her co-star is certain that whether it be a parallel universe or not, there's more than meets the eye.

"There’s definitely something [more], clearly," Chaikin says. "I don’t know what that is, I don’t want to know to be honest."

The Simulation/Matrix Theory

Leave it to Reddit to bring some mind-blowing theories to the table. One user presented the idea of a Matrix-like simulation theory suggesting everything is programed, saying, "White Rose has at some point discovered we are living in a simulation... This is why she doesn't believe in things like coincidence." When presented with the idea, the actors immediately see the tie to Whitehorse and say this may be the most legitimate theory of all.

"That’s really interesting. I could honestly see that happening," Doubleday says. "Yes, definitely. Bigger hints along the way that would lead to it but would obviously be subtle because Sam is never on the nose about anything." Chaikin argues that statement, saying, "What’s weird, at the same time, [Sam's] so honest about everything, we just don’t see it. He’s always giving us clues and hints but does it in such a way where it’s not on the nose. You think you don’t know, but it’s been there the whole time." Are the answers right in front of fans' faces?

That remains to be seen, but in the meantime, the ladies have been theorizing as well (although they aren't quite ready to share their thoughts). "My theory is that you will definitely get a reward as to what this has been building toward [and more] huge reveals — I have my own theories about that I’m not gonna share," Doubleday says. When she presented her theory to Esmail at the cast table read, the creator "looked at [her] like [she] had four eyes." Chaikin adds, "He does that to me even when I’m right. I have some ideas, but not gonna share them."

Given the bendy nature of the show, Chaikin says the fan theories are all "just as realistic as they are unrealistic." Well, maybe except for one. "I can’t get over this one I saw about someone saying they think Darlene is gonna die in a plane crash," she says. "I was like, that is the most random thing." Doubleday debunks another, saying, "Or that the FBI was gonna fake my murder and give me a new identify. Spinoff! Bourne Identity."

If the two are certain about anything, it's that the show will leave audiences mind-blown and guessing. "You always want to leave the audience still thinking and talking and questioning things," Chaikin says. "If you wrap it in a bow, you’re done."

Still, fans should keep the theories coming. "I just sent one to Sam and said, ‘Is this what our show is about?’ I can’t tell you because then I have to tell you what he said," Doubleday says. "The fans are super smart. They come up with things that are completely plausible and would be excellent." And if Mr. Robot fans push Stranger Things theories just enough, maybe, just maybe, Esmail will listen.