These MUA Cosmetics Highlighter Sheets Are Everything Your Makeup Collection Is Missing

There's nothing that gets me excited quite like a brand new beauty innovation, whether it's an unexpected new formula, creative and user-friendly packaging, or a new way to apply makeup. The latest and greatest product to tick all three of those boxes at once? These amazing MUA Cosmetics Shimmer Sheets.

These genius little square sheets deliver a high-wattage dose of shimmery highlighter, and they're packaged in little purse-friendly booklets. They come in two universally flattering shades, rose gold and white gold.

Swipe 'em across your tops of your cheekbones to your temples, your chin, the center line of your nose, underneath your eyebrows... wherever you feel like it. You could even use 'em as an eyeshadow in a pinch. And voilá — instant magic. They're used like an oil-blotting sheet, so once you've highlighted to your heart's content, you can toss the sheet out. I imagine these would take a bit of additional blending with your fingers, but hey, they still sound pretty on-the-go friendly to me.

The best part? They're only £3, or about $3.65 in U.S. dollars. The worst part? That doesn't really do us much good, because the U.S. isn't one of the countries MUA ships to. We really can't have nice things, can we.

I'll be holding out hope, though, that a) MUA will find a way to get these babies to me, or b) a cosmetics company that does sell stateside will catch on to this cool idea and create their own.

Because seriously, look how amazing.