The Difference Between Diorshow & Pump'N'Volume

My fellow self-proclaimed mascara addicts, there's a new product that's worth obsessing over coming our way very, very soon. The cult favorite Diorshow is getting a revamp with Diorshow Pump'n'Volume, but don't worry, the mystical formula will be as fantastically volumizing as ever. The difference between Diroshow and Diorshow Pump'n'Volume is actually in the tube itself.

Debuted at Dior's fall/winter 2017 show at Paris Fashion Week, the new mascara is unlike anything we've ever seen. The brush and the top of the tube seem like standard Diorshow, but the bottom portion of the tube (the part where the product is held) is flexible and squishy.

The silicone-like material allows you to "massage" the mascara into the brush for major volume, explains Christian Dior Makeup's creative and image director, Peter Philips, in an Instagram video for the beauty brand.

He also shared a video of the innovative product in action with the one and only Bella Hadid. And this mascara isn't messing around — it looks incredibly buildable and dramatic. Not to mention, you really will be able to get almost every last drop of mascara (no more product lost to the sides of the tube at the end of its life).

"For me, makeup is all about finding your 'fetish products,'" says Philips. I have a feeling Diorshow Pump'n'Volume is definitely going to be one of 'em. Watch for it when it drops on April 1, according to PopSugar.