These New ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Allegations Are Troubling — UPDATE

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Further claims are surfacing about the misconduct on the Bachelor in Paradise set, which caused production to be suspended on June 11. Monday, news circulated that contestant Corinne Olympios allegedly did not consent to reported sexual relations with DeMario Jackson. (Neither Olympios nor Jackson have commented officially.) Although host Chris Harrison urged audiences to hang tight until official information is released with a tweet on Tuesday, new allegations about Bachelor in Paradise from a crew member are adding to the narrative about could have happened between Olympios and Jackson. Bustle has reached out to Olympios, Warner Bros., and Jackson for comment on the latest allegations. Previously, Warner Bros. provided the following official statement to Bustle: "We have suspended production and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations. Once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action."

Update: In a video posted by TMZ, Jackson says "no comment" in response to numerous questions about the alleged incident. Asked if he's upset about reports alleging that Olympios claims she did not give consent, Jackson responded, ""No, no. I'm all good."

Update #2: On Wednesday, June 14, Corinne Olympios' rep released a statement about the Bachelor In Paradise allegations to Bustle:

Update #3: On the evening of Wednesday, June 14, Jackson released a statement about Olympios' allegations to E! News:

Update #4: On June 20, an ABC spokesperson provided the following statement to Bustle:

Warner Bros.' statement to Bustle read,

Update #5: On Tuesday, Corinne Olympios' lawyer Martin Singer released a statement to Bustle that read,

Earlier: According to Daily Mail, a production crew member recalled Olympios allegedly looking "unconscious" during a sexual encounter with Jackson in a jacuzzi, which later continued in a pool. The source claimed the two cast members found out a storyline would involve them hooking up, and a casual drinking hangout to get better acquainted allegedly took a serious turn. The source claimed to Daily Mail,

According to the source, this was when the crew allegedly got involved. "The crew came out and carried her off to her room. She was limp and seemed unable to walk on her own," the source claimed.


Daily Mail's source claimed the crew was "deeply disturbed... not just at what happened, but over the way it was handled." Further elaborating, the source claimed,

There have been multiple conflicting reports on the events, according to who saw what. On Sunday, TMZ reported that Jackson claimed he performed oral sex on Olympios after she allegedly "put her genitals in his face," but they reportedly did not have sex because of the alcohol. Jackson also reportedly said he and Olympios were fine the next day, until a producer filed a complaint, uncomfortable over what occurred.

On Tuesday, TMZ reported that sources close to Olympios claimed she was in a "blackout state" and recalled none of her encounter with Jackson. In the same story, TMZ reported that others who witnessed the tape claim Olympios seemed fully aware and "engaged," while other cast members reportedly warned the crew of her apparent incoherent state. The site also alleged that Olympios has lawyers on her side, blaming the production crew for not stepping in sooner. Daily Mail also reported police, doctors, and psychologists have become involved.

The situation is heavy and complicated and nothing has been confirmed yet. But with all of the he-said, she-said going on, hopefully there will be resolve sooner rather than later.