Check Out These 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Set Photos

Sony Pictures

You've been doing a great job being patient for Spider-Man: Homecoming to drop in theaters on Jul. 7. But I have a little treat for you: Bustle's own Anna Klassen and reporters attended the film's Atlanta set visit, and now we've got some amazing photos from the Spider-Man: Homecoming set. By now, I'm sure you've checked out the most recent Spider-Man trailer and gotten fresh glimpses of Tom Holland as Peter Parker, as well as the myriad of other acting talent populating the film. However, these photos are an opportunity to take a closer look without having to pause the trailer at a blurry moment and scan around. Not that I've ever done that or anything.

My favorite part of this Spider-Man franchise has always been how it imagines how being a superhero would affect a normal, run-of-the-mill 15-year-old boy — and the fact that that's the main focus of the newest reboot is so, so great. In fact, these four new images from Sony Pictures and Marvel allow fans to see Holland out of the suit, without all the high-tech equipment that makes Peter Parker Spider-Man. Because, as we learned in the trailer, if you're nothing without the suit, you probably shouldn't have it. And I'm as interested in getting to know the kid behind our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man as I am in getting to know the hero.

1. Office Spidey

Sony Pictures

This photo really drives home how out-of-place Parker looks, even next to another superhero. It makes you think about how much harder his superhero status must have made being a teenager for him. For many, high school is when you feel the most inclination to blend in and be part of a group. Discovering that you have supernatural abilities couldn't come at a tougher time. Sure, you look cool in your suit and you can swing through the sky with the greatest of ease. But what if you don't have a suit, and you have to meet up with the film's villain in just your sweats?

2. Behind-The-Scenes Casual Spidey

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This behind-the-scenes photo can't hide that early edition Spidey suit. Cringe City, and he's the mayor. I really wasn't ready for how tender these photos would make me feel toward the character of Peter Parker. They make me see him in a totally new light, as a kid just trying to be normal and do what he thinks is best.

3. Casual Vulture

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This casual shot of our villain makes it clear that he's just a regular guy. You might even feel some sympathy for him and his scavenger lifestyle.

4. Business Vulture

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But if you think you're one of the good guys and then you're wearing a costume like the one seen above, then you really need to reevaluate your costume.

All in all, I feel like these photos did their job. They provide a nuanced portrait of the emotions that will be scooting around under the surface in this movie, and they've gotten me that much more excited about seeing it on opening day. Win, win.