Nick & Raven Had An Intimate 'Bachelor' Convo

by Nicole Pomarico
Drew Cason/ABC

It feels like this season of The Bachelor has really flown by, and I can't believe it, but it's already time for Fantasy Suite dates for Nick Viall and his remaining three women. First up? Raven, who I have fallen more and more in love with every week. On Monday night's ep, she and Nick had a cozy date in snowy Finland, and when the time came, she didn't hesitate to accept his invitation to spend the night in his room with him. But surprisingly enough, Nick and Raven talked about sex before their Bachelor Fantasy Suite date officially kicked off, and it's an awesome break in tradition for the show.

After they finished dinner, there was the traditional overnight invite, and, at that point, Raven chose to put it all out there on the table. Before there was any chance they could get intimate, Raven told Nick that she's only ever had sex with one person and she's never had an orgasm before — two really personal things to share with someone. But it was obviously important for her to let Nick know going into their night together, and while he seemed pretty surprised at first, he was also really cool about the whole thing.

From the start, he was accepting of Raven bravely sharing this part of her life with him, and it looks like her honesty set a good tone for the rest of their evening together, even though we won't find out how it really went until next week's episode. I may not have been a fan of the turtleneck Nick was wearing at the time, but I do think he handled this conversation the right way.

Even on a show like The Bachelor, sex still manages to be a pretty taboo topic, so I love that Raven didn't hesitate in speaking her mind on the subject. I'd love for this to be something we see more of on this show in the future, because it's so real. The idea of a Fantasy Suite date (on national television, no less) is a bit awkward, so why not talk about it and lay the groundwork ahead of time?

It's hard to say whether Nick will choose Raven in the end, but if he doesn't, I have a feeling she's going to be OK. Raven, if you're reading this, hit me up on Twitter. I'm ready to be best friends now!