These Photos Of Obama & Prince Harry Prove Their Bromance Goes Way Back

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Former President Barack Obama and Prince Harry made headlines this weekend after a promotional video for a soon-to-be-released interview between the two made rounds on Twitter. It's brief — only about a minute long — but also just long enough for the two to prove there's more to their relationship than just formal diplomacy. In fact, the good old-fashioned joke-making seemed to reflect the makings of a bona fide bromance. Even better, photos of Prince Harry and Obama taken over the years definitely serve to back this theory up.

In the interview clip that went viral, Prince Harry is preparing to interview Obama for BBC Radio 4. "Do I have to speak faster? Because I'm a slow speaker," Obama asks. When Harry says he doesn't need to, Obama responds, "Okay, do I need a British accent?" Again, Prince Harry says no, but adds that if he takes too long between answers, he might get "the face." He then raises his eyebrows and tips his chin down in an exaggeratedly serious manner.

Prince Harry then admits to Obama that he's a little on edge about the interview. "You're excited about this. I'm nervous about this — that's what's funny." In true dad fashion, Obama immediately offers to switch roles. "I'll interview you if you want," he says. Prince Harry declines and the two laugh.

The good cheer in the video clip isn't the first glimpse the public has had into the pair's amicable friendship, however. Over the years, the two have shared many bromantic moments. Here are a few highlights:

The Time They Both Were On Edge
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At the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto, Obama and Prince Harry sat together, sharing not only laughs and selfies, but also moments of nail-biting anxiety. Their expressions reflected two pals in touch with each other's feelings.

When Prince Harry Stopped By The Oval Office
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During a single-day trip to Washington, D.C. in October of 2015, Prince Harry stopped by the White House to meet with Obama in the Oval Office. As always, the two appeared in high spirits when united.

When The Prince Spoke At The First Obama Foundation Summit

Earlier this fall, Prince Harry spoke at the inaugural Obama Foundation summit in Chicago. In his speech, he said that young people, "turned me into an optimist," which sounds remarkably like something a certain former president might say.

They Always Make Each Other Laugh
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Prince Harry and Obama switch off on cracking jokes, but at least one of them is always doubled-over in laughter.

When They Greeted Each Other In London
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When the Obamas visited Kensington Palace in April of 2016, the two greeted each other warmly, like old friends. For a spell, Obama even held an umbrella over Prince Harry's head, to protect him from rain.

When Harry Signed A Photo Of Himself As A Gift

Back in 2015, federal records show that Prince Harry once gave the Obamas a signed photograph. Reportedly, that photo was a 12" x 10" print of the two shaking hands in the Oval Office.

When They Greeted Crowds Together
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The Invictus Games, created by Prince Harry for wounded or sick armed services personnel, offered a chance for Obama and Harry to show the world how the pair could work a room, so to speak. They greeted people from the crowd with warm smiles.

When Prince Harry Made "The Face"

In the video promoting the pair's forthcoming interview, Obama asked to see "the face" Prince Harry would make if he took too long to answer questions. Prince Harry did not disappoint.

When They Posed With the American Wheelchair Basketball Team
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Not just great at chatting with crowds, the pair also posed for a photo-op with the American wheelchair basketball team.

A short trip down memory lane reveals this international bromance was underneath everyone's noses for quite some time. In fact, it's been years in the making. Either way, though, it was definitely worth the wait.