This Bridal Store Makes A Dish For Your Wedding Rings Featuring Your Wedding Dress

There is a long-going tradition of finding bridesmaids dresses that you can wear again. It's never true, but thankfully there's a way to remember the dress and never have to actually wear it. The Painted Press creates personalized wedding ring dishes that feature your actual dress. That way you can remember the big day and have an adorable little ring holder as well.

If you're looking for something to give your bridesmaids to remember your wedding day, this is it. Each handmade, tougher-than ceramic dish from The Painted Press is personalized to your big day. Just pick the design for the dish, send along names and photos of your dress, and get a handcrafted ring dish in five to seven days.

Each dish is $25 each and available on The Painted Press' Etsy shop. You won't find these little handmade trays anywhere else. They're about three inches in diameter and can get maid to say anything you'd like.

It's the perfect way to give a meaningful gift and share the message to your bridesmaids that they don't have to keep the dress forever. Spoiler alert: they won't anyways. They will want to keep this little accessory holder forever though. Not to mention that they can use it to store their rings until their big days.

Of course, you could always skip out on the bridesmaids gifts and just get one for yourself or your favorite bride instead. These dishes are a great way for brides to remember their big day as well. Because, let's be honest, the wedding dress will likely end up in a bag in the back of a closet. This little dish will let you remember your moment every single time your grab a ring out of it.

This isn't your typical ceramic dish, either. The dish are made of clay that is tougher than material. That way you don't have to worry about this gift shattering if it hits the ground. Of course, you shouldn't be rough with the dish, but it's nice to know that it isn't super fragile.

This isn't the only wedding dish gift that there is on The Painted Press' website, either. The brand also creates ring dishes with dates, initials, and both to commemorate the big day as well. You can get them with tons of different hand-painted designs on them, like hearts and flowers.

That's not all there is on the website, either. You can stock up on zodiac sign ring dishes, ones with your favorite quote on them, and even some with landscapes on them. The best part is that you can request literally anything to be drawn on the dish and the company will make it happen.

All of the dishes are the same size and are $25 each, no matter how many you get or what you get on them.

These make the perfect gifts for just about any occasion. While the bridesmaids dresses are absolutely gorgeous, you can also remember proms or baby showers as well. There's a ring dish for everyone.