All The Signs Daenerys Will Survive 'GoT' Season 8, No Matter How Deadly

Helen Sloan/HBO

It won't be long now until the Night King and his Army of the Dead descend upon Winterfell and attempt to destroy everything in their path. Odds are this will mean many lives will be lost, including several characters we've come to really care about. Luckily, though, there are several signs that Daenerys will survive on Game of Thrones, in regards to both the Battle of Winterfell and the series as a whole. Some may feel that she's doomed to face the same grim fate as her father, the Mad King, but there's sufficient evidence that indicates the Mother of Dragons is pretty indestructible at this point.

Of course, that's not to say there won't be some close calls along the way. Ever since the series kicked off back in 2011, Dany has managed to accumulate just as many allies as she has enemies. But while there have been many attacks on her life in the past, she's now stronger than ever. So while you can expect to see plenty of characters meet a tragic and devastating end by the time Game of Thrones comes to a close, you can rest assured she won't be one of them. Here's how you can tell...

1. Valar Morghulis

This is a phrase that has been used many times throughout the show. In High Valyrian, it translates to "all men must die," but as Dany as stated in the past, she is no man.

2. She Could Be Azor Ahai

The identity of Azor Ahai has yet to be revealed, but many fans believe it could end up being Dany. The prophecy claims that this person will save the world from eternal winter by using a sword called Lightbringer that is forged from fire and blood. That certainly sounds right up her alley, and if that's the case, then this Prince (or rather, Princess) Who Was Promised may very well be the last one left standing.

3. She's Difficult To Kill

Many have tried. All have failed. What makes you think the Night King would be any different?

4. She's The Mother Of Dragons

She may be down from three dragons to two, but that's still two more than anyone else has — and they are very, very protective of their mother. Getting past them would prove to be very difficult indeed. And while fire may kill White Walkers and wights, Dany has proven time and again that she's immune to the flames.

5. She Has Two Large Armies By Her Side

Along with the dragons, Dany also has the Unsullied army by her side as well as the Dothraki fighters. No one's getting to her without a fight.

6. She's Escaped Death Before

Dany has had a target on her back since she was born, and yet she always seems to find a way to survive, no matter how low odds. It'd be a shame for that winning streak to come to an end.

Daenerys' relationship with Jon Snow may be doomed, but her future in Westeros is far from over.