These 'Star Wars: Episode 9' Theories Are So Wild That You Have To Hear Them Out

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I love Star Wars, you love Star Wars, we all love Star Wars, and there's no better time to celebrate that love than on May the Forth, aka Star Wars Day. This Star Wars Day is especially special, marking the first holiday since Luke Skywalker died in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. While most fans will no doubt be taking this opportunity to mourn en masse, there are some more lighthearted ways to celebrate, like going through the most outlandish Star Wars: Episode 9 theories the world has to offer.

The Last Jedi featured a ton of jaw droppers, from the addition of Rose, the death of Captain Phasma (it's not over 'til it's over), and, obviously, the serene death of Luke Skywalker. Not to mention the fact that Princess/General Leia herself, Carrie Fisher, died after completing the film, making it likely that the character will be dead when Episode 9 picks up. With so many huge changes to the franchise, it's hard to tell what Episode 9 will be about, let alone how it will accomplish tying up this new trilogy. Star Wars theories always run wild, but there's something about Episode 9 that has inspired some pretty out there thoughts. Maybe it's because it's the last in the new trilogy, or maybe because The Last Jedi was so controversial. No matter the reason, the fact remains that fans have taken Star Wars theories to a brand new level.

1. The Resistance Will Lose


As reported by Games Radar, this theory basically says that Episodes 7-9 is actually a prequel trilogy to the next three Star Wars movies, which is where the real battle between Light and Dark takes place. In other words, this is all set up, and the Resistance will lose to kick off the true battle going into the next three movies. Now, it's quite possible that Episode 9 will leave some questions unanswered so as to leave the door open to more Star Wars movies, but having the resistance lose isn't really Star Wars style. Save for Rogue One, Star Wars has always been a pretty optimistic and hopeful franchise. We might lose a hero or two in Episode 9, but lose the whole war? Unlikely.

2. Luke Skywalker Nudist Planet


This isn't so much a theory as it is Mark Hamill being awesome, but the actor has floated the idea that Luke Skywalker isn't dead. As pointed out by fans, the last shot of Luke in The Last Jedi saw him disappear into thin air, leaving his clothes behind, which many took to mean he was dead. However, if he really did die, then why would his spirit take his metal arm with him? "My theory is he just teleported to somewhere else and left his robe behind. He teleported to a nudist colony, that's what I'm hoping," Hamill told BBC News. It sounds ridiculous, but, hey, anything's possible.

3. The Mortis Gods


The Mortis Gods are a piece of Force mythology that hasn't really been featured on the big screen. Essentially, the Mortis Gods were a Force wielding family that balanced the force with a Father, Son and Daughter. The Father was the leader, the Son was the Dark Side, and the Daughter was the Light. The theory, as presented by seanerzat on Reddit, is that Luke is the Father, Rey is the Daughter, and Kylo is the Son, representing the struggle for balance in the galaxy. The reason this theory is outlandish is because the odds of Episode 9 bringing in mythology popularized by Clone Wars, the animated series, is highly unlikely.

4. Han Solo Is Rey's Father


Also from Reddit, there is a theory that Rey's parents aren't nobodies after all, but that she is the love child of Han Solo and a random woman he cheated on Leia with. That's right, this theory from seapelican on Reddit says that Han Solo cheated on Leia before Ben turned to the Dark side because he was freaked out about being domesticated. On the one hand, this completely makes sense looking back at the original trilogy. On the other hand, it sort of ruins the portrait of Han as a sweet, fatherly figure in The Force Awakens. This would be an interesting plot twist, but it also seems kind of rude to have such a huge Han reveal when he's not here to explain himself.

5. 'The Last Jedi' Was A Force Dream


OK, this could be a theory or just a massive Reddit troll, but either way, it's ridiculous, and thus deserves a spot on this list. Remember how all those bros were upset that The Last Jedi killed Luke and, in their opinion, had too many women? This theory from another1withtheforce on Reddit is basically the culmination of that fanboy anger, suggesting that the entirety of Episode VIII will essentially be retconned (erased from cannon) and Episode 9 will begin with Finn waking up from a a long dream, having dreamt up the entire previous film. There's some stuff about how it would confirm that Finn is Force sensitive, etc, but, really, like all the other crazy Star Wars: Episode 9 theories here, it's all nonsense.