Check Out These 'Last Jedi' Behind-The-Scenes Photos

by Mary Grace Garis

Throw your lightsabers in the air, because this is something worth celebrating. Friday marks the second of the four-day Star Wars Celebration, the official franchise convention, and with it we're getting our first photos from Star Wars VIII. And next to the incredibly vague trailer, behind-the-scenes images of The Last Jedi have been revealed at the official Last Jedi panel, and though they for-better-or-for-worse offer no spoilers, they do provide us with a small sense of comfort.

On my end, that's partially because a lot of them prominently feature Princess (sorry, General) Leia herself, Carrie Fisher. When Fisher suddenly passed away at the end of 2016, it left a huge, huge hole in franchise, as well as my heart. I'm barely coping without her, so I don't know how the Star Wars family will be getting by... CGI magic nonwithstanding. So these images, while they're sparse, paint a black-and-white, grainy picture of a happier time.

Plus, it looks like everyone was properly refreshed during the filming of Star Wars VIII. I'm glad there's no shortage of cafes across the galaxy.

Anyway, I won't keep you. Scroll down for a quick look into the filming of The Last Jedi before you go back to rewatching that very, very vague trailer.

Poe Dameron, Showing Up To Class Late With A Starbucks

But no, it's good that Oscar Isaac should be more prominently featured in this installment.

Isaac, John Boyega, & Fisher Kicking Back With A Cold One

The three of them are bro-ing out hardcore, probably debating whose jacket is the best.

Billie Lourd Awaiting Instruction

Rocking her mother's infamous buns.

Some Grainy Lightsaber Action

Also there looks like... an umbrella in the background?

Fisher Guided By Director Rian Johnson

What's happening here, is he teaching her how to pilot something? Have we even seen Leia pilot anything? Why can't I remember this?

A Quiet Moment Between Fisher & Johnson

I wonder if he's laughing at one of her snarky comments? Sigh. Mostly these images just make me miss Fisher more than anything, but I'm glad to see that her and the gang had a lovely, caffeinated time making this movie.