These 'The Future Is Female' Bracelets Help Support Planned Parenthood

With the current administration not so subtly trying to revoke women's rights to their own bodies, many companies are making an effort to support Planned Parenthood in any way possible. Bird + Stone is one of those companies. For each sale of Bird + Stone's "The Future Is Female" bracelets, they will donate $5 to Planned Parenthood NYC.

Bird + Stone was founded by Elana Reinholtz, who, after being fed up with corporate America, went to Kenya to work with female entrepreneurs. After seeing how privileged she was, she became determined to go back to Kenya, so she started selling bracelets to her family and friends to raise money for her return trip.

After returning from Kenya a second time, Reinholtz officially (albeit, accidentally) created Bird + Stone as a way for people to support philanthropic causes through jewelry. Her newest bracelet is a bangle with "The Future Is Female" inscribed on it, which costs $40 — $5 of which will go to Planned Parenthood of NYC to help women receive everything from STD testing to breast exams. You can purchase Bird + Stone's "The Future Is Female" bracelets on

Bird + Stone has previously supported microloans in Kenya as well as working with the UN to support girls' education. This new bracelet supporting Planned Parenthood is just another way Bird + Stone is trying to make a difference in the world.

The Future Is Female - Set Of Two Cuffs, $75,

You can buy one or two of these cuffs for the activist in your life, because I'm sure they will love it.