People Cannot Stop Obsessing Over These 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' Moments


Netflix's new teen rom-com To All The Boys I've Loved Before premiered last Friday, and since its release, it's totally swept fans up in a love fest. Basically, if you weren't out seeing Crazy Rich Asians, you were home watching To All The Boys for the second, third, or fourth time in a row. Since Netflix doesn't release its ratings info, the only way to really judge the success of something streaming on the site is through things like word of mouth and online chatter. And people have been hitting up the Internet all weekend to say how much they love the film, especially these major To All The Boys moments that no one can stop talking about.

Adapted from the YA novel of the same name by Jenny Han, the movie follows 16-year-old Lara Jean Song Covey (Lana Candor), a young woman who expresses her feelings by writing private letters to her crushes. She's accumulated a few lengthy letters over the years, but has never sent a one. But when they somehow get out, Lara Jean must then face the high school humiliation that results when your crushes find out you like them, only five-fold. And after one of those guys, Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) suggests that they fake a relationship in order to make others jealous, some sparks start flying amidst their deceit. Here are some of the biggest moments that have To All The Boys I've Loved Before that has fans totally obsessed.

How Peter K Looks At Lara Jean

If there's one thing fans can't get over, it's the way that Peter looks at Lara Jean. It's like she's the bee's knees, the best thing since sliced bread, the most beautiful woman in the world. Basically, it's how everyone wants to be looked at by the person who loves them.

The John Hughes Love

The John Hughes love in To All The Boys I've Loved Before is pretty obvious. From Lara Jean's obsession with Hughes' teen romance movies from the '80s, to the similar plot beats that the story hits, the whole flick is an homage to the legendary director and the films that emulate his style. To All The Boys' author, Jenny Han, admitted her obsession when sharing this series of clips on Instagram of the movie's actors recreating some iconic teen movie moments. Fans keep talking about how To All The Boys brings back some comforting John Hughes feels.

Asian-American Representation


Not a moment, per se, but definitely part of the conversation. The three Covey sisters are half Korean and half white, and how they navigate their dual identity while balancing teendom is a plus on the representation front. According to Vulture, Han would only consider production companies that didn't want to whitewash her female lead for the film adaptation of her novel. Between this movie and Crazy Rich Asians hitting theaters in the same weekend, Asian-American representation in film is definitely having a moment, one that's hopefully here to stay.

How Messy Lara Jean Is


Let's face it, Lara Jean is kind of a slob. But aren't we all?

Lara Jean and Peter K's Many Kisses

From their childhood peck, to the smooch sealing their ploy, to the track practice rundown make-out to avoid Josh, Lara Jean and Peter share quite a few kisses, all of which induce that butterflies-in-the-tummy feeling. Which leads us to the best one of all...

The Hot Tub Scene

Every romance needs a little steam, and the hot tub scene in To All The Boys I've Loved Before has got people swooning. It's the moment when Lara Jean and Peter realize they really have feelings for one another and the sexy setting makes for a memorable moment.

The Mid-Credits Scene


What's a rom-com without a little conflict, right? Just when we thought that Lara Jean and Peter would live happily ever after, one of her other crushes shows up, responding to his letter. John Ambrose McClaren was just a kid when Lara Jean met him at Model UN, but in the movie's mid-credits scene, he shows up at her doorstep, flowers in hand, seemingly ready to let the sparks fly. Fans are both nervous and excited.

Knowing that there are two more books in Han's series, this scene feels like a total set up for a sequel. And if John Ambrose can show up, how about Lara Jean's fifth crush, Kenny from camp? Sure his letter bounced back, but the mail works in mysterious ways. And more movies means more messy, relatable teen girls and memorable moments for fans to go crazy for.