These Tweets About Beyonce's Birthday Recognize Bey Day For The National Holiday It Is

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Labor Day can step aside, because, according to these tweets about Beyoncé's birthday, it's now officially #BeyDay. Ms. Knowles-Carter turned 36 on Monday, and celebrities and fans are doing the most to celebrate. Stars including Kelly Rowland, Serena Williams, and Michelle Obama honored the 20-time Grammy winner with an elaborate tribute to her "Formation" video; her mother, Tina Lawson, shared a touching message on Instagram; and social media users have been flooding the internet all morning with well wishes and testimonials.

For some, it might just be another day on the calendar, but, for others, it's a bona fide national holiday, and they demand it be treated as such. So, let's count the ways Beyoncé has blessed us, shall we? She's given us six multi-platinum solo records, numerous hit singles — "Single Ladies," "Run The World," "Sorry," take your pick — the instantly iconic imagery of her smashing car windows with a baseball bat, and, most importantly, one hell of a female role model. Whether you're a stan or not, her platform has helped to empower countless women, and that's a legacy worth praising.

So, on one of pop culture's holiest of days, here's what Twitter had to say about Beyoncé's birthday.

1. Adele Gave Her A Short But Sentimental Shoutout

The two have long shared a mutual admiration.

2. JAY Z Got His Audience To Sing To Her

While performing at the Made In America music festival, Jay Z led the crowd in a rendition of "Happy Birthday To You."

3. Ellen Recruited Her For A Little Self-Promotion

Of course Beyoncé is willing to do her friends favors on her birthday.

3. Some Thanked Her For The Day Off

Labor Day is no match for Bey Day.

4. Others Called To Make It An *Actual* National Holiday

We already nationally recognize dead white men's birthdays. Why not a cultural legend?

5. And These Fans Even Questioned Labor Day's True Origins


6. Some Counted Their Blessings

Gen X had Madonna, millennials have Beyoncé.

7. Others Cleared Their Schedules

Party of one, please.

8. And Made Room For Celebrating Bey

Beyoncé's birthday should really be treated as your own.

9. This School Had The Right Idea

The real reason everyone has the day off today.

10. Many Praised Her Accomplishments

Yet another thing we can thank Bey for.

11. Her Many, Many Accomplishments

Pop music would look a whole lot different without Queen Bey.

12. This Fan Encouraged Others To Follow In Bey's Footsteps

Use this day as inspiration.

13. While This Person Hailed Their One True Queen

The Knowles-Carters are a the real royal family.

14. Beyoncé Stans Had No Time For Haters

Why not?

15. Because Let's Be Honest...

You heard it here first, folks.

16. And Really, Every Day Is Bey Day


This is a national holiday for more reasons than one, so celebrate accordingly.