These Tweets About Renata On 'Big Little Lies' Are Almost As Good As Her Meltdown

Jennifer Clasen/HBO

Spoilers ahead for of Big Littles Lies Season 2, Episode 2. In Big Little Lies Season 1, Renata Klein (Laura Dern) was laser-focused on her daughter Amabella and the mysterious bully harassing her at school. In Season 2, Renata is still hassling the principal to ensure Amabella has a smooth year in the classroom, but now, she has a bigger problem: her husband Gordon has been arrested for fraud, and has lost all of their money in the process. The one upside? Based on all of the memes, tweets, and gifs about Renata's ensuing meltdown, fans were living for Dern's performance, despite things being pretty bad for the Kleins right now.

ICYMI: Renata was riding high after her photoshoot until the FBI showed up, put Gordon in handcuffs, and arrested him publicly for securities fraud. Upon visiting him in jail, Renata learned that as a result, they'll lose all of their money (well, her money) by the end of the year. That was enough to send her into a conniption. "I will not not be rich," she shouted pointedly. Later, when Gordon tried to blame his illegal activity on Renata's desire for more money, she masterfully kicked him out of the car and drove away with her middle fingers up.

Between that and her snapping that she "used to like sitting on [Gordon's] face," but that won't be happening anymore, if anyone stole the episode, it was Renata. These tweets and gifs prove it.

Renata Is A Monday Mood

Renata screaming, "Will somebody give a woman a moment?" as she drove away from honking traffic felt like a premonition for Monday morning.

Actually, She's A Forever Mood

But really, this iconic line can be used for all eternity.

She's Also The Queen Of Comebacks

Renata's response to Gordon commenting she "used to like" Jimmy Ruffin's "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted" was just *chef's kiss* perfection.

This Is Truly Peak TV

Give Laura Dern all the Emmys.

Only Renata Can Make You Care About Rich People Problems

Monterey's wealthy, elite community isn't exactly relatable, but Dern's performance miraculously makes you feel some empathy.

And Only Dern Could Pull It Off

Laura Dern herself responded to this tweet comparing Renata to her Enlightened character Amy, writing "gotta be consistent."

Or Make A Tesla Look So Good

People would be so honored to be kicked out of a Tesla by Laura Dern that they're willing to take it a step further.

It's Her House, And It's Also Her F*cking Car

Should we just end Season 2 there? How could it possibly get better?