These ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Stars’ Cameos In Shows & Movies Are Really A Blast From The Past

by Marenah Dobin

When Vanderpump Rules premiered, its original premise was centered around a group of friends with entertainment aspirations who all worked at the same restaurant. Throughout the years, the cast members have become professional reality stars and no longer "need" to pursue acting or music. Before reality TV stardom, though, Vanderpump Rules stars appeared in TV shows and movies aside from the show that made them famous. It's pretty ironic that a show that started out with almost every cast member wanting to be a model or actor ended up creating stars who are very well-known just for being themselves.

Considering that Vanderpump Rules is a spinoff of Lisa Vanderpump's other TV show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it would be expected that most of the cast members have showed up in the background at Lisa's dinner parties and other events as servers and bartenders, but RHOBH isn't the only show on their resumes.

Vanderpump Rules stars appeared in major movies, popular reality TV shows, scripted shows, and music videos before Bravo viewers got to know them as waiters and bartenders at SUR. A lot of these are shows and movies that Vanderpump Rules fans have probably seen, but either they didn't know the Pump Rules cast members at the time or the cast members weren't front and center in the lead role.

Tom Sandoval

A shirtless and baby-faced Tom Sandoval appeared on The Hills during Season 1, Episode 8 for a model casting that Lauren Conrad was working for Teen Vogue. In an interview with Bravo's The Daily Dish, Tom shared, "I get tweets about it all the time."

Tom also confirmed that he was in two Bon Jovi music videos in response to a fan on Twitter. A long-haired Sandoval was in the videos for the songs "Misunderstood" and "All About Lovin' You."

Jax Taylor

According to an article from Decider, Jax Taylor was an extra on The O.C.. The man formerly known as Jason Cauchi appeared on Season 4, Episode 8 of the cult classic, where he danced with an older woman at an event for "cougars" and young men.

In 2009, Jax was on Desperate Housewives playing "Hot Guy 2 in Dance Club" according to his IMDb page. Jax confirmed this on Twitter in response to a fan who sent him a screen shot from the episode.

Katie Maloney

Katie Maloney confirmed that she was in the movie He's Just Not That Into You in a tweet to a fan. Katie nods her head during a montage at the beginning of the movie and she discussed that quick scene during an interview with Bravo's The Daily Dish. Katie joked, "I gave a really good performance; what can I say?"

Scheana Marie

Tom Sandoval is not the only Vanderpump Rules cast member who appeared on The Hills. In an interview with The Daily Dish, Scheana revealed, "Stacie 'the bartender' is one of my best friends." And yes, Stacie Hall better known as "Stacie the bartender" has actually appeared on Vanderpump Rules, as well.

Scheana shared, "She was in my wedding. Definitely don't have pics from it. I had bangs and a double chin, lol. Barely recognizable! I try to not draw attention to me on that because I looked so bad! It was fun. I only shot a couple times with them, but it was completely scripted. We knew the scene before we filmed it. So fake, but still fun!" Scheana may not have pics from The Hills, but Twitter sure does.

Twitter users also spotted Scheana on an episode of Victorious which aired on Nickelodeon in 2011. In 2010, Scheana tweeted, "Finishing my first episode of 90210 tonight!" Years later, Vanderpump Rules fans spotted Scheana's appearance on 90210 and tweeted about it, of course. Before all of that, Scheana appeared on an episode of Greek in 2007.

Stassi Schroeder

Vanderpump Rules isn't the first reality TV show that Stassi Schroeder has appeared on. Teenage Stassi (before she went blonde and got a chin implant) appeared on The Amazing Race with her family back in 2005.

Amazing Race focused on a few families and Stassi wasn't front and center, but that changed when Stassi appeared on the show Queen Bees in 2008. The show takes a group of "queen bees" nominated by friends and family members who think that they need to change their ways.

Lisa Vanderpump

Nowadays, Lisa Vanderpump is an accomplished restaurant owner and reality TV star, but before that she did dabble in acting. Lisa was on the short-lived series Baywatch Nights (fast forward to the 19:09 mark of the episode here). It's interesting to see Lisa be someone other than herself on a TV show, but she pretty much looks exactly the same.

There are a lot of people who move to California with entertainment aspirations and this applies to much of the Vanderpump Rules cast. A lot of them got to appear in TV shows, movies, and music videos, but interestingly enough, they found the greatest success just playing themselves.