These Videos Of BTS Dancing Will Explain Why Everyone Is So Obsessed

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Amongst the many highs of Sunday's award ceremony, one reached dizzying Mount Everest heights — namely, Korean boyband BTS' performance at the AMAs. And yes, part of that was purely musical, with the boys performing their unbearably catchy hit "DNA." If you've already seen the performance, you'll know that the visuals were equally dazzling, with RM, Suga, Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, V and J-Hope sporting bold patterned or sequinned jackets. But perhaps most compelling of all was the choreography, with the seven band members serving up some of the most intricate moves of the night.

So its no wonder the world is thirsting for more videos of BTS dancing. Still, it's notable that even the band members have mentioned that they found the choreography for "DNA" the hardest dance they've ever done. According to Soompi, Son Sung Deuk, the choreographer for "DNA" took ten days (without sleeping at all) to come up with the moves and the site reports that the band members said that it's their hardest dance yet, reporting that the musicians called it even harder than their moves for "Blood, Sweat & Tears." Of course, if you're not a card-carrying member of the Army, BTS' diehard crowd of fans, you may not be able to place one performance in its larger context. So let's do this. All the best dances, so you can see exactly how talented this band is — not just in terms of music, but movement.

"Blood, Sweat & Tears"

BTS' dances are often like those Yves Saint Laurent suits they wore to the AMAs — sleek, androgynous and fluid. Has a seven person dance routine ever looked so damn natural? It's enough to make you want to start choreographing your moves with your friendship group for the next time you hit the club.

"Not Today"

You're going to want to steal every move from a minute in onwards. The question is, are you fleet of foot enough? Probably not — leave this to the professionals. But if you infuse your own moves with the same swagger that permeates this video, that would be a start.


This sort of choreography is the cruelest of all. It's the kind that looks so effortless that it makes viewers think they might actually be capable of emulating those fluid slips into staccato moves. Don't try this at home. Or, OK, do, but with the drapes drawn.

Dancing During Demi Lovato's AMA Performance

Don't despair, hope is at hand. As BTS getting down during the Demi Lovato performance proves, half of the battle is just enjoying yourself.

"Save Me"

This video pretty much condenses the BTS dance formula into an easy-to-follow version: slow, flowing, interpretative dance moves (clutch your heart, tear at the sky), followed by quick, precise moves. Easy!

"Boy In Luv"

See how far the supreme seven have come with a trip down memory lane to their 2014 hit. Back then, the boys were way more into just pointing aggressively into the camera interspersed with a few half hearted shimmys. A dance move that even people who aren't good at dancing can do: BTS, you're too kind.

"Just One Day"

It's a boyband staple: the singing from stools cliché. Everyone from the Backstreet Boys to British boyband Westlife has done it so it's great to see that BTS have been paying tribute to the greats that came before them. But as usual, BTS takes a boyband cliché and makes it a zillion times cooler. You're going to want to drag a folding chair with you to the club after watching this video.


There isn't any choreography in this video, technically. But everything this band does — from running to pillow fights to actual fights to throwing a chair at the wall (this is their bad boy video, there's even a Nirvana sweatshirt and some ciggies to prove it) — is infused with rhythmic grace, making even this video make the cut as a dance short.


It's easy to imagine this routine becoming a hit. It looks impressive, but when you break it down into separate moves, nothing seems too challenging. No shade intended, though, it's still great.


Watching this just reinforces that it must take days of rehearsing to get moves this frenetic knife sharp. Also, plus points for the hypebeast at the back rocking out with his Supreme headband staying in perfect place the whole time.

"Mic Drop"

Even the line "You're a bad ratatouille" can't compete with the fist-pumping energy of this routine. There's actual flames on the stage that aren't as hot as this swagger.

BTS have the world at the feet, but who's surprised? The music's catchy, the looks are even better, but the dancing might be the most exciting aspect of all. And from the looks of it, there's been years and years of practice behind their AMA success.