These "Who Bit Beyoncé" Theories Really Take The Speculation To The Next Level

by Stephanie Downs
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In one of the greatest (if not the greatest) mysteries of all time: someone dared to bite Beyoncé and they still haven't been identified. Now, there are some popular theories as to who the culprit might be (looking at you Jennifer Lawrence, Sanaa Lathan). But, they don't even compare to the wildest "Who Bit Beyoncé?" theories out there. Yep, some internet users have very interesting theories about the already bizarre biting situation.

This whole drama came up in the first place courtesy of Tiffany Haddish's interview with GQ, which was published on March 26. In her interview, the actor described how she attended an after-party for JAY-Z's Dec. 22 concert where Beyoncé was in attendance. During the party, Haddish said that an unnamed "actress" came up and literally bit Beyoncé's face at one point, which really is one of the most wild stories ever. Who would ever dare bite Queen Bey?! In response to the story, the "Single Ladies" singer's representative told GQ, “I absolutely cannot comment on any of this, as I have no knowledge."

Since Haddish declined to name the actor in question, everyone was quick to try and figure out who the biting culprit could be. Many users were eager to name Jennifer Lawrence as the Beyoncé biter. However, the theory was quickly debunked as the actor's representative responded to a Huffington Post article and said that they'd like Lawrence's name removed from the speculation. (This was also the case with many other actors who the publication reached out to.) A Vulture article noted that there a couple of other prime suspects for the culprit role, including actor Sanaa Lathan. Shortly after the news broke, and her name was called into question, Lathan issued a statement on Twitter saying that she did not bite Queen Bey.

So, who is the Beyoncé biter? No one knows for sure yet. Although, some users have their fair share of speculation as to who the culprit might be. Here are all of the most wild theories attached to the biting mystery.

Rosario Dawson

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One Twitter user is convinced that Rosario Dawson was the actor who bit Beyoncé. They even laid out some "evidence" to support their theory.

They claimed that Dawson was both at the Dec. 22 party (she did post an Instagram video of the rapper's concert) and has been in JAY-Z and Beyoncé's circle for some time now, as she and the rapper supposedly dated in the early 2000s. The user also said that Dawson and Chrissy Teigen know each other, which would lend a bit more credence to the theory, as well, since Teigen said on the Today show on March 27 that she loves everyone in question.

Still, since all of this is pure speculation on the user's part, Dawson as the biter remains just a theory.

Gwyneth Paltrow

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Can you imagine the Goop creator biting anyone, let alone her friend, Beyoncé? Well, some users can certainly imagine the possibility.

Some have said that because the singer told Haddish that the actor is "not like that all the time" that means that she's friendly enough with her to know how the actor normally behaves. As E! News outlines, Paltrow and Beyoncé have been friends for years now. So, Queen Bey would know if Paltrow was behaving a little (well, a lot) off.

Gal Gadot

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Now, this is definitely even wilder territory. It's unclear how this rumor/theory started but some Twitter users seem to think that Gal Gadot is the Beyoncé biter. There really isn't much "evidence" that seems to suggest that she's the culprit, or was even at the event in question. That hasn't stopped people from spreading the rumor "like wildfire." One user even joked that since there isn't any evidence to say that it isn't her, then that's a sign that she's the biter.

Yeah... maybe not. How weird would it be if Wonder Woman was the one to bite Queen Bey?

Bette Midler

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OK, so this one is just too funny. One user put in a lot of work to try and figure out who bit the singer and even wrote up a bracket... with no explanation of how they made all these choices. But, surprising probably everyone, Bette Midler came out on top, beating the widely-speculated Lawrence.

It would be so interesting to see how exactly they came to this wild conclusion. Are Beyoncé and Midler secretly good friends and that's why she was at the party? Did the "Partition" singer not get mad about the bite because it was her friend, Bette Midler? And does Midler have a secret wild side that the general public needs to know about? There are so many questions and no answers. Can someone please solve this mystery already and clear the Broadway star's name?

Blue Ivy

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There's yet another theory that involves the bite — and the celeb in question is Blue Ivy. One user on Twitter joked around and said that this whole "actress" situation is a coverup. According to them, Blue Ivy bit Beyoncé, which explains why the singer wasn't mad about the action. They wrote, "There’s only one human on earth who would have the audacity to harm Beyoncé that Beyoncé would defend."

There Was No Bite At All

Yet another funny conspiracy came from some users who thought that this whole biting drama is all a publicity stunt for an upcoming surprise album. The user even said that maybe fans should expect a album called Bitten sometime soon to coincide with all of this news. Fun to think about but it's also so unlikely.

While these theories are wild, they're just that, theories. There's still no telling who exactly bit Beyoncé. But, honestly, can they come forward already? The world is eagerly awaiting a conclusion to this bizarre mystery.