These Pencil Sets With Mantras For Each Zodiac Sign Are Hilariously Accurate

Always Fits

Repping your zodiac sign is pretty much a full time job. Whether it's checking your daily horoscope, tagging your friends in astrology memes that prove how much you relate to your sign, or trying to prove that your star sign is the superior one, it takes up a lot of time. If you're looking to stock up on astrology related products, look no further. You can represent your sign at all times with Always Fits' adorable zodiac-themed pencil sets — there's one specially made for each of the 12 signs.

Always Fits' multi-colored pencil sets come in packs of eight, and retail for $16.50. These aren't the average pencil you'd see in an office store: every single one features different wording along the sign, specific to the traits of the sign the set represents. Take the Taurus set: slogans on the pencils include "Inflexible because I'm right," "I heard there would be cake," and "Champagne goes with everything." As a Taurus myself, I can personally say that each one of these describes my characteristics and the most important traits that go with my sign. Always Fits even takes care to list out some of the sign's most recognizable assets on the pencil packaging: the Leo set, for example, includes charismatic, fun-loving, dramatic, and talented.

These pencils are pretty much meant to be shown off. Lucky for you, Always Fits understands that — each individual set comes with one pencil that features backwards lettering, so that when you take a selfie with it you can clearly read what the saying says. It's amazing how products are adjusting to the needs of modern technology. These sets might just be the perfect gift for any friends or family members who are super into astrology (or are just really in love with their sign): they'll get to flaunt their biggest traits whenever they're jotting something down. It's about time we all started writing in style.

Pisces season just officially began, so let's give the wintry water sign the spotlight. Always Fits' Pisces pencil set features a range of cute pastel colors, including sayings like "Time for my second nap," "My alone time is for your safety," and "Wildly underappreciated." Friends of Pisces individuals, show them their deserved appreciation with one of these sets ASAP — the sensitive dreamers will thank you for it.

Check out the other signs' pencil sets here: Aquarius, Virgo, Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.

Still haven't gotten your fill of zodiac-related products? Always Fits has you covered. Check out their astrology gifts page to see their zodiac-themed socks (which feature the sign's unique symbol along with some stars, moons, and other cute tidbits) and gorgeous star-sign soaps (seriously, they look like they smell amazing and are prettier than ever).

If your birthday is coming up, be sure to slyly link Always Fits' astrology products to your loved ones to let them know what you want. There's never a bad time to make sure people know that your sign is the best of them all.