Thigh Makeup... Is... A... Thing?

We've all known those days when putting on makeup is too much work. You're you, why bother — but still, the shadows beckon. Body parts exist, and given the state of makeup-as-artistry today, it's as much about creating your own reality as working with what you've got. Voila, good news: thigh makeup is a thing, and it's not the MAC Face and Body you're thinking.

First noticed by Cosmo, people are literally bedecking their thighs with full-fledged makeup looks. First things first, their superb makeup skills are no joke — creating faces with this level of semi-creepy dimensionality, shading, and highlighting is next-level technique. I mean, those cut creases, recognize. Each look takes it in a slightly different direction, but the common thread is an uncanny understanding of human features and how to sculpt them (fantastic beasts and where to find them, per se). These are no Sharpied on smilies — more along the lines of what a MAC makeup artist would pull if there were no face charts on hand. Think red glitter shadow, expertly arched brows, and supernatural lashes.

But second, am I totally alone in getting a hard Fandango bag vibe from them? The nostalgia. I wasn't expecting this from a thigh.

Less work, more wing.

This leg is an Instagram makeup masterclass. Between the garnet eye, the killer contour and immaculate Insta brows, it's a lot to take in — but I've gotta know that leg lip color.

The elegant lines on this blue look are inspo for days...almost as long as those lashes.

And if this is the result of a casual Friday night drawing sesh, the "casual Friday night" bar just got a lot higher.

Eye on the prize, eye on the thighs.

Best possible use of boredom.

That eyebrow. That blending work.

I call this one "I'm wide awake, it's morning."

It's only a matter of time until M.A.C. comes out with a thigh makeup collection, I can feel it.