Things To Do With Your Bestie on National Best Friends Day

by Megan Shepherd

Ahem: Allow me to interrupt your regular programming for a second and tell you about a few very special ladies in my life: my besties! By now you’ve probably heard that June 8 is National Best Friends Day, and that’s certainly a holiday that calls for celebration. If you’re anything like my BFF and I, you’re happy just grabbing coffee and catching up, but a day like NBFD deserves something special. Need ideas? Here are seven things to do with your bestie on National Best Friends Day.

While I consider a few different gals my besties, there’s one in particular who’s been hanging with me for nearly 20 years. We met in elementary school. I was new at school and my bestie marched right up to me in line for lunch and said, “I’m Leilani. Wanna spend the night at my house on Friday night?” Obviously, I said yes. Our relationship has changed a lot over the years, and it feels like we’re somehow still constantly discovering new things about one another. We haven’t always lived in the same city, and even though we do now, finding time for quality time together can be tough. But when we find it, we put it to good use. These are some of my favorite ways to spend quality time with my besties.

1. Look At Old Photos

Although we might snap photos with our besties on the weekend, finding time to skim through old photos is a different story. If it’s been awhile since you and your gal traveled down memory lane, carve out some time in your schedules to reminiscence on good times from way back when, and update your photo frames with new shots.

2. Have A Home-Cooked Meal

There’s nothing better than a home-cooked meal with someone you love — especially if that’s your bestie! One of you can handle the entree, and the other, drinks and dessert.

3. Have A Bestie Movie Marathon

Wanna tap into sleepovers of years past? Invite your gal-pals over, pop in your favorite show, or have a BFF movie marathon with flicks like Now & Then, Clueless, Heathers, Mean Girls, etc.

4. Plan (And Enjoy) A Perfect Day

Ever asked your bestie what her best day ever looks like? For NBFD, consider bringing it to life! Sit down together and map out what you’d do together if you had the whole day to hang, then make a schedule and see how many things you can cross off. After all, what’s better than adventuring with your bestie by your side?

5. Get Matching Tattoos

If you think you and your bestie are in it to win it, consider getting matching tattoos. Even as you mature and move into new seasons of your lives, you’ll always have the reminder of your BFF’s love and support.

6. Help Them With Something Without Them Asking You

If you know your bestie’s got a lot on her mind, do something sweet for her "just because." If she’s applying for jobs, offer to read her cover letter. If she just moved into a place, see if she needs help hanging up pictures. If your bestie’s having trouble balancing being a mom with being a human being, offer up a few hours of free babysitting and send her out for a massage.

7. Introduce Her To Some Of Your Other Fave Besties

As close as we are with our best friend, it’s funny that they sometimes don’t know your other ones! If you’re lucky enough to have a handful of wonderful gals in your life, throw a girl gang party and invite your besties, plus their other besties. This is a great way to make new (fully vetted and totally awesome) friends while getting to know your current ones even better. Happy Best Friends Day!