Thinx Teams Up With Ilana Glazer On A New Range Of Period Underwear

Thinx x Ilana Glazer's Crimson collection is the brand's first celebrity collaboration.
Courtesy of Thinx

Let's talk about periods. Specifically, let's talk about ways to deal with your period. The new Thinx x Ilana Glazer Crimson collection centers getting through those 3-7 days on self care and some ultra-cute underwear. Together, the brand and actor have teamed up to create a new range of underwear, in a new colorway, that's all about treating yourself during your period.

The new Crimson collection marks Thinx's first ever celebrity collaboration, and the process was a bit different that what you may assume. Broad City's Glazer was proactive in her desire to work with with the brand. Unlike other celebrity collaborations you've seen, Glazer reached out to the brand to create the new pieces. She says in a press release that she's been a fan of the brand for years. Glazer goes on to explains that Thinx's creations "map feminism" creating innovation in menstrual health that carry it the world away from a lack of menstrual options that she indicates "map misogyny," and the shame often associated with periods.

For their work together, Glazer and Thinx centered the new red-toned underwear around the importance of self-care during your cycle, de-centering the stigma of a period and turning into a moment of self-love. In the campaign, Glazer is featured (well, multiple Glazers, technically) carrying out the self-care moments she needs when on her cycle. From tea and cookies to massages, the actor wears the newest period-proof underwear while caring for her body and mind.

Courtesy of THINX

For Glazer, the collection's campaign isn't the only way she and the brand are showing how you should treat yourself during your period. The actor explains in the press release that part of the new Crimson styles' appeal is how cute they are. "It’s just nice that they feel cute, you know?" she says. "It’s been such a paradigm shift for me to feel hot and cool about my period.

Of the decision to work with Glazer, Thinx CEO Maria Molland says it was all about who Glazer is as an actor and activist. "Our mission at Thinx is to empower every body through innovative solutions and social change and, in my view, Ilana Glazer is the embodiment of those words," she says in the release. "Through her work, Ilana deep dives into areas that are often taboo or uncomfortable and brings the conversations to light, and in the process she normalizes them. We can’t think of a more perfect person to team up with for our first-ever collaboration."

Courtesy of Thinx

The collection launched on Nov. 5 and features multiple underwear styles, including thong, brief, and bikini. Like the rest of Thinx's pieces, the underwear in Glazer's collection can hold between 2 tampons worth of blood. Each pair of underwear is also easy to care for, machine washable, and reusable. Prices for the pieces range from $24-$38, and all of the pieces are size-inclusive with options XXS-3XL.

Whether you're a fan of Thinx already, want to support Glazer, or both, head to the brand's website now and snag these new period proof undies.