This 11-Year-Old Girl Cut Off All Her Hair To Support Her Bullied Sister

Sometimes, siblings can be total superheroes. One 11-year-old girl totally proved that when she did something drastic to stick up for her sister. While most middle school kids try to keep their heads down and not make waves, Sarah Orrick made a stand by getting the same haircut her younger sister was bullied for.

Her sister, Jorgia Orrick, rocked shorter tresses and was picked on by the boys in her class for not mimicking other girls' styles, and Orrick didn't want her sister to take the criticism to heart. And what better way to show sis that other people's comments don't matter than by leading by example?

Hairstylist Noelle Shore shared Orrick's look on her Instagram page, where the 11-year-old is sporting an edgy, asymmetrical cut that's half-shaved, half-wavy. Even though she's barely a preteen, she's throwing a defiant look over her shoulder at the camera that seems to spell out the words "dare you to say something." Basically, she's badass.

"Sarah's mom called me and said she wanted to cut her hair to help her sister feel more confident with her shorter hair," Shore tells Bustle in an interview. "She wanted to be a positive example for her younger sister."

Not only did she want to show her sister that it's okay to have different styles that veer away from the status quo, but she didn't like the idea that some people were trying to dictate how others should look.

"Sarah thought the classmates picking on her sister were 'ridiculous' and didn't understand 'why boys made fun of girls with short hair anyway,'" Shore explains. "She said that, 'after all, boys have short hair, so what's the difference? Why can't we all just be how we like?'"

And in that one statement, one 11-year-old seems to be more understanding than much of society.

Shore was delighted to report that Orrick loved her cut, and even did a few ballerina twirls when she hopped out of the chair. And her sister loved her for the gesture. "At first, Jorja wanted to be the only one with short hair. But after the bullying, she was grateful to her sister for showing such love and support." She's an inspiration to all of us.