This $3,000 Dress Is Made Out Of Only Straw Hats

by Kali Borovic

If you're gearing up for your next tropical vacation, odds are a big, floppy hat is on your list. Probably a straw one with something quirky like "out of office" embroidered on the rim. Well, this brand has a way for you to rock the trend in a fresh way. As The Cut found, Jacquemus made a dress made out of straw hats. I'm talking: nothing but the hats and some string, and people are loving it.

Rocking the latest trends can be hard. People spend tons of money to stay up on the latest fashion trends only to have them go out of style in just weeks. Welp, being trendy just got a whole lot easier. All you have to is take all of your beach hats and turn them into a dress. Or, if you have $3,050, you can buy one already made. That's right. Jacquemus is taking their loved, Jenner-worn straw hats, tying them all together, and selling them for more double the amount of your monthly rent.

The brand's Beige 'Le Chapeau Santon' Straw Hat Dress is made out of eight, different sized small hats and is an online exclusive to Ssense. Just in case you were wondering, it is verified 100 percent straw, according to the product description. It's also unlined, so you might want to wear something underneath.

SSENSE Exclusive Beige 'Le Chapeau Santon' Straw Hat Dress, $3,050,

While it's not the most conventional summer design, it is pretty darn creative. The asymmetrical straw design is definitely artsy. Oh, and, as an added bonus, you'll get free shipping from Ssense when you purchase it. I just don't know how you would sit down, seeing as the back is made out of straw hats as well.

SSENSE Exclusive Beige 'Le Chapeau Santon' Straw Hat Dress, $3,050,

Oddly enough, the internet doesn't hate this dress. Actually, they like it a lot. While not many people have $3,000 to spend on the dress, they can appreciate the design of it. After all, that's what fashion is all about.

One word, and it's not "practical."

Definitely a way to make a statement.

If only, if only.

Because everyone needs one.

Okay, it's a little funny too.

Whether you're wearing it or just looking at it, you can't deny that this dress is special.