This $45,000 "Back Egg" Is The Most Coveted Holiday Gift, If You're Into That

Fashion trends this year seemed to follow the theme of "the more bizarre the better." If you're looking for something to wear with your clear jeans and tutu shirt, this is a trend for you. According to Twitter user Phil Lester, Fabergé's is selling a "back egg" for the holidays. Oh, and it's a cool $45,000. I hope Santa has good cash back perks.

When you have a high-end brand selling high end items, you do one thing — make people notice. Fabergé decided to use their two-page magazine spread to show just how versatile their moderately priced egg "pendants" are. The first shows a multi-colored egg hanging below an inspiring quote. The other shows the $47,000 Impératrice Emerald Tassel Pendant worn backwards with the egg and tassel draping down the model's back. This unique photo earning the title "back egg" from Lester, a British YouTuber.

"I'm going to ask Santa for a BACK EGG," Lester's tweet read. So go ahead, follow suit, and make your Christmas list a little longer. You deserve it.

Essentially, it's the jewelry mullet that you never knew you needed. The necklace is a sleek, minimalist choker from the front and a multi-colored spine accessory in the back. Because for more than $45,000, you better be getting versatility.

The magazine ad reads, "The most enduring legacies are born of the most colorful lives." Translation: Do you want to be great? Get a back egg. I think we can all agree this is not a marketing ploy at all, but rather the truth.

According to the website, the pendant turned back egg is "inspired by the jewelled splendour of the Imperial Romanov court, and evokes the rhythms of the Russian seasons, whether literal or metaphorical."

I don't know who these Russians are, but they inspired quite the trend.

You have plenty of options for which egg you'd like to hang down your front or, for the sake of fashion, your back. There's the "Simple I Love You Gold Pendant" for $2,800 to the $8,200 "Rose Hen Locket." The possibilities are endless.

Treasures Mosaic Multi-Coloured Pendant, $45,000, Fabergé

It is quite the exquisite egg, if I do say so myself. While wearing it backwards is not for everyone, wearing it forward will still get people's attention. You might have to trade in every car your family owns to buy it, but at least you'll be one step of Kendall Jenner, who has yet to wear the trend.

Despite it's absurd natural, some people are here for the back egg. Others are seeing it for what it truly is — an overpriced sparkly necklace. The choice is yours, because, well, fashion is what you make it.

Forget the goose that laid the golden egg. The chicken that laid the mutli-colored one is way better.

Could this trend be bigger than fidget spinners? I'm guessing no, but others are here for it anyways.

Pre-back egg styling tip coming your way. Of course, this is your egg to wear any way you'd like — back hair or no back hair.

Stop the search for the perfect fashion item, because this one is here and it is thriving.

"OMG so ugly," they say as they also add it to their luxe holiday wish list.

The year might be coming to an end, but one thing is for sure — the bizarre fashion trends will continue forever. Long live the back egg.