This 5-Year Old Narrating Her Mom's Makeup Tutorial Is The Cutest Thing You'll See All Week — VIDEO

Beauty vlogger meggs and bacon took the world by storm when she let her dad narrate her beauty routine. Meggs' dad gave us a video full of classics like "I'm just gonna curl an eyelash," but vlogger Ellarie's five-year-old daughter narrating her beauty routine is on the scene now to give us eight minutes of complete and utter adorable.

The beauty vlogger, who describes herself as a single "mommapreneur," and has nearly 300,000 YouTube subscribers, gave the world the gift of bearing witness as her super-cute daughter Zara lays out the deets of her mom's makeup tutorial in her blue smoky-eye video "My 5 Year Old Does My Voiceover Challenge!"

Zara shares her YouTube handle, Yoshidoll, with the kids' clothing store Ellarie opened in 2015, and frequently models for the store. She also has her own YouTube channel, which boasts nearly 60,000 subscribers.

While Zara doesn't appear on-camera in this vid, she's starred in plenty of her mom's vlogs, as well as her own tutorials on Instagram, which focus on natural hair.

Though she obviously has some serious makeup know-how to rival her hair game, she and meggs and eggs' dad have the same trouble topic: eyelash care. In one of the cutest moments in Ellarie's vlog, Zara happily tells viewers that her mom is using a pair of Huda Beauty false lashes "for extra eyebrows."

You can check out Yoshidoll's narration as well as her mom's killer look in the video below.

Ellarie on YouTube

And if you just can't get enough of this excellent duo, here's one of Zara's vids, where you can see Ellarie's graceful getting-ready routine as compared to Zara's...well, let's call it wilder look.

Yoshidoll on YouTube

It's easy to see why these two have such a dedicated following.